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A Website Primer

Do you get a tension headache right between your eyes when the words “websites” and “marketing” are Confused Web Usermentioned? You are not alone. For most veterinarians, marketing on the Internet makes their heads spin. Before you reach for the aspirin, take a moment to learn the basics. Let’s get started.

1.   Domain Name

Do you own your own domain name? If you’re not sure what that even means, your domain name is the name that falls inside For example, if your business is called ABC Vet Clinic, your domain name might be Owning your domain name is the first step in building credibility and trust online.

2.   Servers

Servers are where a website “lives.” It is a different place from where your domain name “resides.” Today servers are a business unto their own. A proper location for a server is on a “farm” which is a building that holds thousands of servers. This building has a battery back-up tied to a generator back-up. Your Internet provider should have their own servers located in a farm, provide backups to the servers, have fail-safe systems in place (meaning if one server goes down another turns on quickly) and have hacking/virus protections in place.

3.  User Interface

This is the space where humans and machines interact. Just like the lobby of your building is the place where humans and your business begin to interact, the home page of your website is the place where people and your online business first meet. It is critical that you have a website that invites people “through the door” and offers them clear, logical places to go to get the information they need.

You now have the basic knowledge you need to start to look critically at your own website. Or, if you don’t have one yet, start to think about your next steps. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

If you have questions or want to learn how we can help, please contact our Marketing and Sales Manager, Melissa Neff.