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Going the Distance: Beyond Indigo’s Virtual 5k

IT God Eric Hellman takes to the trails of Tucson, AZ


It’s been said that, “The family that plays together, stays together.” And most of us know that the same is true of our professional family, too. From happy hours to holiday parties, most successful businesses take the time and opportunity to get their employees together for some fun and games before anyone pokes someone’s eye out.

But how does that wisdom translate to a virtual company? Sure, there can be local and regional meetups (if and where possible), or even the well-intentioned company party via video conference call. But these events don’t always meet the muster; especially for the geographically isolated or video-shy employee.

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The Top 5 of 2015


2015 was an amazing year for the Beyond Indigo team. We have grown and connected in ways most wouldn’t think possible for a virtual company. We have expanded our services and redefined how we approach the digital marketplace.

Like many of you, over the past few weeks we have been looking at what we have done well over the past year and where we would like our company to go in the year ahead. Part of this process, of course, was analyzing our own Google Analytics reports, and (as always) we were fascinated to see what content has resonated with you.

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