Click-Throughs and Conversions: Measuring Results in Google AdWords

Digital marketing has become increasingly pertinent to the veterinary industry. If your practice is to be successful and relevant in the digital marketplace, you must seek out a veterinary marketing agency that can deliver more than Doggo memes and cat videos.

Finding a marketing partner who understands that there is more to digital marketing than a Facebook page and a simple website is key. More important still? Finding an agency that has a proven track record of bringing tails in the door, and the results to prove it.

But what are “good results” in veterinary marketing? How do you know if what you’re being shown is actually impressive, or just sounds impressive because you’re not entirely sure you understand what you’re being told?

At Beyond Indigo, we understand that a degree in veterinary medicine rarely comes with built-in expertise in marketing – especially digital marketing. Because of this, we believe that educating clients (both current and prospective) on the ins and outs of their marketing results is both a responsibility and a cornerstone of gold-standard service. Continue reading

5 Things Veterinary Hospitals Should Be Doing with Google AdWords

Google AdWords has variety of ways you can advertise your veterinary practice across the Web. Whether you’re looking to get more clicks or increase conversions, here is a list of tips that can help you cut down on unnecessary costs, while maximizing your returns.

Analyzing Search Data and Identifying Negative Keywords

The Search Terms Report displays the Google searches that people have conducted, which resulted in your ads appearing in their results. This is a great way to not only ferret out which terms you should be using, but to spot negative keywords for your campaign, too.

Negative keywords are employed to keep your ad from appearing in a search query in which they are used.

For example:

Let’s say you notice on your Search Terms Report that your ads are being clicked on for variations of the term “free veterinary care.” However, you don’t offer any free services. You are, however, paying for every one of those irrelevant clicks. So, you implement the word “free” as a negative keyword, so that Google searches with the word “free” in them won’t trigger any of your ads to appear. Continue reading

AdWords Options: Understanding Google Remarketing

google remarketingWhile the internet has provided unprecedented ways for advertisers to showcase their products and services to a global audience, the task of actually driving traffic to your website can be daunting for the uninitiated.

How can you initiate and maintain interaction with visitors to your website? Is there a way to get your visitors to come back and not just interact with the site, but actually convert and submit an appointment or new client form?

A service provided by Google AdWords, called remarketing, allows businesses to specifically target their Google ads to people who have already visited their website. Continue reading

Top 5 Google AdWords Trends for 2017

With billions of searches performed on Google every month, it really doesn’t make sense for advertisers to ignore the search engine giant and the power it wields in the marketplace. Fortunately, Google offers up a variety of advertising options for businesses looking to reach potential customers, and in 2017, it should only continue to refine those options, as well as add more.

Here are the top five Google AdWords trends and pay-per-click advertising predictions going into 2017:

  • Mobile Is King – It is predicted that by 2020, over 6 billion smartphone users will be walking around on planet Earth. And in fact today, Google searches on mobile phones already account “for 53% of paid-search clicks.” It seems that many advertisers will eventually focus only on mobile devices and leave other devices behind for good. On the flip side, mobile phone screens are smaller than computer screens,
    meaning that there are fewer overall search results on a phone, giving even more reason to “pay to play,” as they say!

Continue reading

Google AdWords 101

Updated 3/1/2017 by Melissa Mason

Have you ever wondered about those top Google “hits” with the outlined-in-green “Ad” designation? If so, you’re not alone – and for good reason. Those results are brought to you courtesy of Google AdWords; an incredibly powerful, paid marketing tool that allows businesses of all sizes to places ads on the front page of Google’s search results.

With AdWords’ many tracking tools, analysis, and “funnel options”, this search engine marketing tool has the ability to boost your website’s traffic and drive potential customers to the door of any business.

Give ‘Em What They Want

Founded in October of 2000, AdWords is Google’s primary sources of revenue, earning over $100 million per day, as of 2012. Nearly all of it –$15.5 billion – came from advertising sales. In the first quarter of 2015, Google took in $17.3 billion in revenue, up 12% year over year. With few restrictions, AdWords can be utilized by businesses of nearly any size and budget. Continue reading

Ad Fails: What Makes a Good Ad in Google Adwords?

Good Ad KittyWriting a search ad in Google AdWords is easy to do in theory, but often difficult in practice. On the surface putting an ad together in AdWords seems as simple as filling in the blanks, however there is much more to creating a good ad than merely writing about a business.

What’s In An Ad?

Google offers traditional and expanded text ads that appear on the front page of the search engine on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. These ads often connect directly to a dedicated place on a website called a landing page. Both ads types consist of a headline, two lines of text and a display URL. Continue reading

SEO: Let’s Talk About Google AdWords

Portrait of an attractive young woman sitting at home with her cat

Google AdWords is one the most valuable tools available when executing a successful digital marketing campaign. As many people already know, Google is the largest search engine on the Internet and they don’t have any major competitors. When people need to search for something on the Internet, they go to Google. Because of this, everyone advertising on the Internet should be integrating Google AdWords into their digital marketing campaigns.

Three Keys To a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

  1. The Keywords:

Selecting the right keywords for your veterinary AdWords campaign will set the foundation for your success. These keywords will help you target people who search for exact or similar keywords that match your AdWords campaign. There is a variety of free and paid keyword platforms available on the Internet and even AdWords offers keyword assistance but the most valuable tool in keyword selection is you.

Your Beyond Indigo SEO Account Manager will compile a list of every possible keyword that relates to your veterinary clinic/hospital and current campaign. Once we have this list completed, we can implement it into AdWords campaign platform and adjust the list as your campaign progresses. Continue reading

Beyond Indigo’s Marketing Results in the Time of COVID-19

In the midst of a global pandemic, each day the world looks a little different than it did the day before and even farther away from the “normal” we remember of just a few months ago. In times of uncertainty and economic turmoil, many business owners make quick decisions about cutting spending, and, unfortunately, marketing services are often some of the first on the chopping block.

It is more important than ever to continue your marketing efforts during a recession, however. This proactive approach can help your business not only keep its head above water but also allow it to thrive. According to Forbes, both Pizza Hut and Taco Bell increased their marketing spend during the 1990-1991 recession while McDonald’s decreased theirs. The result was a 61% sale increase for Pizza Hut, a 40% increase for Taco Bell, and a 28% decrease for McDonald’s.  Online behemoth Amazon was also able to grow sales by 28% during the 2009 recession thanks to their continued ad spend and product development.

At Beyond Indigo, we understand the value of results.

Our team has been working tirelessly to help our clients continue to market their essential services to pet owners who are still trying to care for their pets. Here are a few of our favorite results in the time of COVID:

Optimizing Our Blogs

We utilize blogs to help our clients get more traffic to their websites, take advantage of high-value keywords, and add unique content to the site, all of which can help improve search result rankings. COVID-19 has accelerated the rate at which the news cycle changes, making it vital that you push out relevant content that can get users to your website to see your latest updates.

One of our Social Media Analysts has been using her blogs to share topics like “4 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew.” She boosted this blog for just $50 on Facebook and, thanks to the eye-catching title, the blog reached over 4,000 people and sent almost 800 people to the landing page on the website! Getting this much traffic to the website is a great way to inspire users to click around and learn more about your services.

Skyrocketing Conversions

Google has made some changes to its advertising platform, but our team of rockstar analysts is paying attention to the changes and making necessary changes to our client accounts. Because of their efforts, many of our SEO and Google ads clients have seen more conversions than ever before. These are just a few of the top statistics we’ve seen so far:

  •  One client had more conversions this quarter than any other quarter since August 2017. 
  • Another client also brought in more conversions than they have since they joined with Beyond Indigo in the last quarter of 2017.
  • One client actually tripled the number of conversions they had in the first quarter of this year.
  • One client had 445 phone calls in March 2020 alone. This is a 51% increase from last year.
  • Another client had a 127.27% year-over-year increase in New Client Form submissions. This resulted in an estimated value of $7,500 in new business for the practice.

Social Media Stars

Our Social Media Analysts have stayed on top of Facebook’s changes during COVID-19, and our clients are seeing massive results from those efforts. These are just a few of our top results:

  • One client’s ad campaign had double the reach and triple the impressions with just 70% of their usual budget.
  • Another client’s simple Curbside Care post had 252 reactions, 30 comments, and 26 shares!
  • In February 2020, one of our clients got 1,830 clicks on an ad with a $0.54 Cost Per Click (CPC) average. In April 2020, this same client got 2,555 clicks with an average CPC of just $0.27.
  • One client experienced a 410% increase in Facebook ad impressions.
  • Yet another client got 59 New Facebook Page Likes in March (up 96% from February), saw an engagement rate of 7,323 (up 183% from February), and saw a 1,180% increase in ad impressions from February!

Beyond Indigo is here to help you and your business through the uncertainty of COVID-19. Our full-service marketing packages make it easy for you to maintain a relationship with your current clients and reach out to new clients so you can grow. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Six Tips for Choosing a Veterinary Marketing Partner

You know you need help with your marketing, but how do you go about finding the right agency for your practice? Many veterinarians feel at a loss when trying to decide how to get marketing help, and fall back on the great equalizer of price. But the lowest cost is not always the most effective option, and may even cost you more in the long run.  

With convention season upon us, you’ll probably see more than your share of advertising for all kinds of marketing services. How do you sort it all out?  

To start, keep these 6 tips in mind… Continue reading