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All Wrapped Up with a Bow on Top! Holiday Marketing Ideas for Veterinarians

A dog being given a Christmas gift

For most of us, the autumn leaves have changed their colors and the air has turned crisp, if not downright cold. In the digital marketing world, that means it is time to act on the marketing plans we have created for the holiday season.

But for those of you who haven’t planned ahead, never fear! There’s still plenty of time to make a holiday marketing plan for your veterinary practice that can keep those tails wagging through your door through year’s end. 

With Halloween behind us, there are three big holidays left to prepare for – starting now! Let us look at these holidays and some ideas that your veterinary practice can start to implement now. 

Let’s deck your digital halls!

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Vets

Thanksgiving can be both a joyous and stressful time for us all – and for pet owners, in particular. Travel tends to play a big part in this holiday, as does food and family. And even though this holiday is just a few weeks away, veterinary practices still have time to help alleviate some of that stress by offering up tips and tricks to help current and future pet parents navigate this holiday with success. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Blog posts on “Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Foods for Fido,” “Preparing the House for Family Members Who Don’t ‘Get’ Pets,” “Traveling to Grandma’s House with Your Pet,” and “Boarding Your Pet for the Holidays – What You Need to Know.
  • Facebook posts and boosts should be made to promote these blog posts, as well as your boarding, microchipping, and vaccination services. 
  • Hold Thanksgiving themed contests on Facebook, a “Dress Your Pet Like a Turkey” costume contest is always fun, as are contests for the best pet treat recipe. 
  • Post on Facebook with single to-do tips to prepare for the holidays like, at the beginning of the month, “Have you Made Your Thanksgiving Boarding Appointment Yet?” Or, remind people to order their pet meds early and not wait until 5 p.m. on Wednesday. 
  • Update your Google My Business page with holiday hours and “notecards” that link to a new blog post each week. 

Right on the heels of Thanksgiving come Hanukkah and Christmas. In fact, now is the time to start talking about boarding for the December and New Year’s holidays!

Ideas for Christmas and Hanukkah  

Ah, the joys of the December holidays, with lighted candles, sparkling gifts, and food-laden tables. It almost looks like a Hallmark card until your dog yanks the ham off the table or the cat nibbles on a poinsettia or feasts on a little tinsel. There is much to discuss with your pet parents in this last month of the year, that the holiday almost markets itself for a savvy veterinarian.

Here are a few of our favorite things… 

  • Blog posts such as “Why a New Pet as a Holiday Gift Might Not be the Bet Choice,” Keeping the Wrapping Paper ON the Presents and NOT in Your Pet’s Belly, “Cookies are for Santa, Not for Fido,” “What Holiday Gifts to Buy for the Fur Babies,” etc. 
  • Have an in-house photo session with Santa and his elves and give out the photos to the pet owners. Then, showcase these photos on Facebook and Instagram, after first grabbing the permission of the pet owner!
  • Make sure to post your blog posts to Facebook and give them a boost!
  • Use video, Facebook posts or blogs to give travel, safety, or winter weather tips for Fido.
  • Update Google My Business with holiday hours.
  • Run PPC ads on Google showcasing your pet boarding services.
  • Update website and Facebook with local ER numbers and addresses.

Did you forget about the pets and the New Year? Most people do. In the middle of December, it’s time to integrate information about New Year’s and pet safety. 

Don’t Forget the New Year!

Most humans tend to see the New Year as a time for parties, food, drinking, and fun. Pets, however, tend to see it as loud noises, a long night alone or surrounded by strangers, and an easy night of pickings from the food table. New Year’s marketing to pet parents tends to focus more on safety than services, but don’t forget to promote your boarding services as an alternative to worrying about your party animal on this festive eve. 

  • Messages on Facebook, blogs, and email blasts should focus on “Fido and Fireworks – Do They Mix?,” “Alcohol and Fluffy – What to Know,” “Can Pets Smoke Weed Too?,” or “Drunk People and Pets Don’t Mix” 
  • Update holiday hours on your website and Google My Business. Make sure to update hours anywhere else they are located. 
  • Consider creating a blog to share on New Year’s Day (or immediately thereafter) showcasing your “Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019,” as an easy way to ride the wave of Best Of lists that flood social media at the first of the year, and to position your wellness services for those riding the resolution train!

Holidays can be a blast when it comes to veterinary marketing if thought is put into them weeks, not days, before they occur. As a local business and a trusted caregiver of a family’s loved ones, you can assist in making the holidays joyous. If you have questions about digital marketing for your veterinary practice, or if you’d like to explore the benefits of partnering with a digital marketing agency, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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