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Retrospective Results: Beyond Indigo’s Top 10 Blogs of 2017

A dog in front of a computerWith 2017 officially on the books, many of us are setting intentions for the year to come. The ceremonial changing of the calendar offers us an opportunity to reflect on the results and revelations of the past year and to use that insight in planning for the year ahead.

In Beyond Indigo’s blogging department those reflections and results manifest as Top 10 lists – both for the company and for those clients who subscribe to our blogging service. Compiling these lists is an interesting task. Not only can I see the readership and growth rates for our blogs, but I can also see which topics resonated with our readers (and which ones didn’t) and use that information to shape the editorial calendar in the months to come. Talk about real results in action.

This year, Beyond Indigo’s company blog (the one you’re reading right now) saw a 98% growth rate in readership and accounted for approximately 30% of our website’s total traffic. So what posts drew you in and kept you coming back for more…?

Let’s find out.

Beyond Indigo Pets’ Top 10 Blogs of 2017

  1. Traffic vs. Conversions: Setting Your Veterinary Website up for Business Success
    Having a website is a must for any veterinarian. As your primary online presence, it promotes your practice and represents your brand to a wide audience. Visitors to a website are collectively referred to ‘traffic’. Traffic is monitored through tools like Google Analytics, which analyzes several factors, such as… Read more.
  2. Veterinary Blogging: 5 FAQs and Answers
    Veterinary blogging is often the unsung hero of successful digital marketing for veterinary practices. Whether lending itself as collateral for veterinary marketing, boosting your veterinary website’s SEO, or as a client outreach product all on its own, blogging offers your practice a unique voice in the online marketplace. Read On!
  3. Social Media v. Social Marketing for Veterinarians: What’s the Difference?
    The term ‘Social Media’ is often confused with ‘Social Marketing’ – and while it may not seem like it, they are two different animals. For your veterinary marketing endeavors to be a success, it’s important that you understand the difference, and make both work for your practice. Keep Reading…
  4. Pragmatic Pitfalls: 3 Temptations to Avoid in Veterinary Social Media
    Social Media has changed how we interact with – and attract – our clientele. While the instant interaction of social media can be an effective way to connect with your clients, it can also turn a seemingly innocent post or comment into an internet firestorm if the wrong person gets on the digital loudspeaker. Read More…
  5. 5 Veterinary Website Design Trends for 2017
    Web design is constantly evolving alongside the internet and all its emerging technologies. What was cutting edge a few years ago can quickly become dated and stand out for all the wrong reasons. The following design trends all work individually, but taken together, reinforce each other and create a holistic aesthetic for your veterinary website. Read On…
  6. Summertime Marketing Ideas for Your Veterinary Practice
    The sun is out, the kids are (almost) on vacation, and people are enjoying the warmer temperatures. Not only are people ready to enjoy summer, but their pets are too. Bring the fun into your business with these summertime marketing ideas for your veterinary practice… Read More!
  7. Hair-Raising Halloween Pet Contest Ideas for Veterinarians
    Who says Halloween is just for kids, or even just for humans? Halloween, and harvest season in general, can be loads of fun for all ages and species! Better still, you can leverage the fun of fall and fright night into a fantastic opportunity to bolster your veterinary practice’s client engagement and social marketing. Keep Reading…
  8. Top 5 Google AdWords Trends for 2017
    With billions of searches performed on Google every month, it really doesn’t make sense for advertisers to ignore the search engine giant and the power it wields in the marketplace. Fortunately, Google offers up a variety of advertising options for businesses looking to reach potential customers, and in 2017, it should only continue to refine those options, as well as add more. Read On!
  9. Pet Contest Ideas: 5 Cool Ways to Heat Up Your Vet Practice This Summer
    With summer just a heartbeat away, you may be looking for ways to rev up your veterinary practice’s revenue and amp up your social (media) status. The traditional summer slump experienced within the industry offers you the opportunity to explore the social media scene and build your online brand. Keep Reading…
  10. “Near Me” Searches and How to Rank on Google
    A year ago, Google location searches exploded –  “closest,” “nearby,” and “near me” searches were performed 35 more times than they did in 2011. People demand instant, accurate, and helpful information on Google. Because of this, it likely comes as no surprise that Google has had to make many complex updates to its algorithm to keep up. Gone are the days of “cookie-cutter” search results. Google now strives to deliver the most customized, local search results possible. A Brooklyn pet owner, for example, searching for “veterinarians nearby” will get totally different results than a pet owner in the Bronx searching the same keyword phrase – all thanks to Google’s local-search result algorithms. Read More…

If you have questions about blogging and how it can benefit your online veterinary marketing, please let us know. We’re always happy to discuss how consistently infusing your website with compelling content can support both your SEO and social marketing strategies.

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