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Delegate to Accelerate Success

Practice leaders find it hard to delegate even though it is critical to the growth and success of their business. So why aren’t we delegating if we know that it is important? Quite simply, people don’t delegate because it takes a lot of up-front effort.

While on the surface it’s easier to do it your self than explain the strategy behind the task to someone else, there are two key reasons that it’s better to delegate the task to someone else. First, by doing the work yourself, leaders are failing to make the best use of their time. Secondly, by meaningfully involving other people in the task, leaders are developing their team’s skills and abilities.

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What’s In a Name? VETgirl Tells All


As an emergency critical care specialist and someone with a Y chromosome, I’m often asked two questions:

  • What the heck is VETgirl?


  • “You’re not a girl?!?” (Technically, that is more of a statement…)

What the heck is VETgirl?

First, VETgirl is a subscription-based podcast & webinar service offering RACE-approved, online veterinary continuing education (CE). VETgirl was launched in 2012, aiming to create a more convenient way for the veterinary professional with time-poverty to have access to clinically relevant, practical, cost-effective, and convenient CE. All of VETgirl’s CE is given by board-certified veterinary specialists or experts in the field.

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What the Heck is VETgirl?


As an emergency critical care specialist and toxicologist who lectures throughout the world, I’m often asked, What the heck is VETgirl?

VETgirl is a subscription-based podcast and webinar service offering RACE-approved, online veterinary continuing education (CE). I came up with the idea back in 2003, when I was frantically studying for my board examination(s). I was studying 13+ hours a day and felt guilty for going out for a run or hike with my dog. All I wanted was someone to teach me veterinary medicine through my Walkman while I was running or hiking. Since sleeping on top of my textbooks didn’t appear to osmotically work, I decided that this “listen and learn” modality would truly be the best way to “take it all in” while frantically multi-tasking. Then, when I was studying (yet again) for my toxicology board examination in 2012, I finally set my mind to creating this new learning modality. So, I teamed up with tech-savvy veterinary specialist Dr. Garret Pachtinger, DACVECC to create VETgirl.

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Success Leaves Clues

iStock_000011951853XSmallEverybody is looking for silver bullet, the tablets, the arch, the answer to all of life’s tough questions.  Sometimes the answer has been their all along.  We all have our definition of what deem to be successful.  Money, cars, houses, bling, life balance, business, titles, a warm fuzzy feeling, whatever it is your feeling of success is yours.  Achieving your desired level of success will be challenging, full of hard work, determination, perseverance, and commitment.  And you can do it all by yourself or you can learn from those around you.

One of the keys to accelerating your trip to success is to learn from those around you- both what to do and what no to do.  I can tell you I learned more my first job about what NOT to do.  I learned a lot from my next two jobs about what to do.  However, I have learned even more about life from what others have already done.  There is a world of books, articles, interviews, videos, and resources from people who have done ‘it’ and done it right.  Read them.  Learn from them.  Emulate them. Continue reading