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Claiming Your Google ‘My Business’ Page

DCAH_iStock_000021001755_LargeLocal listings in Google have become essential to gaining local visibility. They also provide a way to gain multiple places on the front page of Google if you also have a strong organic presence. Recently, Google went from having seven local listings display on the front page to three. This has made gaining a local presence even more competitive. Having an unclaimed listing will likely prevent a practice from ever being listed.

Your business likely has a Google My Business page (formerly Google Local). Google automatically creates pages for businesses based on existing listings on other websites. The problem with unclaimed, unoptimized pages is that they can have outdated or wrong information, ultimately preventing people from contacting your business.These pages, if utilized correctly, can provide a great boost in visibility at the local level. Part of that utilization is the proper claiming of the page.

Most of these local pages can be found when you google your business’ name, or by using Google Maps to locate it. In maps, you may have to enter your business’ name or the name of the veterinarian to pull up the appropriate page. Once located and viewed, one needs to go the the bottom of the page and find a button marked Manage This Page.

Google Places Capture

Logging into your Google Account, you can then claim the page my clicking the button. You will be take to a Google My Business page where you will be prompted to Get Started.

GoogleMyBusiness Capture

You will be taken to a maps page, with a message expressing the need to verify your listing. This will be done by a postcard through the mail so ensure your business address is correct, click the box to accept the terms of service, and press continue.

Verify Places Capture

You will then be given two options, verify by postcard or phone. If you or an employee have the ability to answer the phone quickly, the phone option may be best. If your practice has an automated menu or the phone number does not match your practice’s information, the Google verification call will not be able to connect to you. If this is the case, verify by postcard and you should receive your pin in one to two business weeks.

Verification Choice Capture

Press the Mail me my code button, and press send.

Once you receive your pin in you clearly marked Google envelope, log into your Google account and you will see a large banner at the top of your Business page.

GoogleMyBusiness Verify Banner
Press Enter Code. You will be taken to another menu where you will enter the pin code.

Verify Pin Menu Capture

Enter the code, hit submit and you’ve just claimed your GoogleMyBusiness listing! You can now correct any incorrect information, add pictures, write a description of your services, and start getting five star reviews for your business.
If you have any further questions about Google My Business claiming and management, please don’t hesitate to contact us.