Going the Distance: Beyond Indigo’s Virtual 5k

IT God Eric Hellman takes to the trails of Tucson, AZ


It’s been said that, “The family that plays together, stays together.” And most of us know that the same is true of our professional family, too. From happy hours to holiday parties, most successful businesses take the time and opportunity to get their employees together for some fun and games before anyone pokes someone’s eye out.

But how does that wisdom translate to a virtual company? Sure, there can be local and regional meetups (if and where possible), or even the well-intentioned company party via video conference call. But these events don’t always meet the muster; especially for the geographically isolated or video-shy employee.

So what’s a virtual company to do?

Enter the Interwebs. Not surprisingly, your favorite digital marketing specialists have created bonds with one another via Facebook, texting, and (of course) our intercompany chat rooms. Through our personal social media pages and private chat feeds, many of us have gotten to know one another via digital communications. We celebrate together. We mourn together.We get righteously indignant about the state of the world together. And, we even participate in fun runs together.

Wait. What?!?

Blogging Manager Kate Matthews on the Snake River at Celebration Park, Idaho

Yes, it’s true. Last month, in honor of World Veterinary Day (April 25, 2015), the Beyond Indigo staff set out in our respective corners of the U.S. on a virtual 5k. Our goal: to traverse 3.1 miles in anyway we saw fit, and share the fun with our co-workers.

Some of us ran, some of us walked, and others biked the distance. We did so on our local trails, city streets, or even where we happened to be vacationing at the time. And, when all was said and done, we posted pictures, videos, and accounts of our adventures to a private Facebook group we created just for the occasion. And it was awesome.

Sure we weren’t running side by side, but the event brought us together just the same. It was pretty nifty to set out for an adventure knowing that the folks we work with in other parts of the country were out doing (roughly) the same thing.

Yes, we’re total nerds.

ORM Specialist Ann Pearson gets the evil eye in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

So, because we want you (our clients and prospective clients) to know us a little better, too; we’ve decided to share our shenanigans. Hopefully, being able to put a face and a place with a name in your inbox or on Basecamp will bring you a little closer to us, as well. After all, we’d totally buy you a drink at happy hour, if we could.



Our fearless leader, Will Lindus, in Austin, TX

SEO Team Lead Brooke Wheeler checks out the wildlife found at the National Museum of Natural History in DC


Hellman ready for action!

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