Gratitude is Who We Are

TeamBeyond Indigo is a different kind of company. Why? Because we look at the world differently. Every single day we approach our work through the lens of gratitude and balance. As the owner of Beyond Indigo I have built this company based on some basic premises stemming from that approach.

As Thanksgiving draws near, I would like to take a moment to reflect on all Beyond Indigo has to be thankful for…

  1. The company is grateful for its employees. Without the amazing staff we have we wouldn’t have a company or the excellent products we offer. We strongly believe in taking care of our staff and making sure work and life are in balance. We are not in the business to wring our employees dry and toss them to the wind. They are people, not robots. And so I extend heartfelt Thanks! to all our team members.

  1. We are grateful for our clients – after all, without clients we wouldn’t have a business. We appreciate each and every one of our clients’ desire to make their hospital the best it can be for their patients and pet owners. The love, care, and compassion our clients give to their profession is inspiring.
  1. We are thankful for being human. As human beings, we are a mixture of passion, love, compassion, caring, and learning. Each and everyone one of us has good days and days we rather not repeat again – I believe that a company is here to help empower it’s staff to strive to be the best they can be, support them when mistakes happen, and to help them realize we are all human and deserving of self-forgiveness. Many times we are caught up in the day, the clients and the fires to manage and we forgot we are human.
  1. imageI am grateful that we have information at our fingertips and are able to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information available. When I was in college in the 80s, at George Washington University, my professors would say there is no excuse for not finding the answers you need. Then they would point in the direction of the Library of Congress. They would say go find what you need a few blocks away! Wow how everything has changed…
  1. I am grateful for the Internet. Without the Internet we would not have a company. I have been managing websites and marketing on the Internet for 20 years now. WOW (small age attack here). I am grateful that, in 1995 when the Internet went public, I was hired to manage a property on AOL. AOL was exciting and a fun place to explore this new world (FYI this is before AOL become stodgy and corporate!), and that opportunity changed my life forever.

As we move through this time of Thanksgiving and into the New Year ahead, we will continue to conduct our business from a position of gratitude. We will always strive to do our best and provide services from honesty and sincerity.

On behalf of the Beyond Indigo staff, we wish you and yours and Happy Thanksgiving!