Hair-Raising Halloween Pet Contest Ideas for Veterinarians

Who says Halloween is just for kids, or even just for humans? Halloween, and harvest season in general, can be loads of fun for all ages and species! Better still, you can leverage the fun of fall and fright night into a fantastic opportunity to bolster your veterinary practice’s client engagement and social marketing.

But don’t wait too long to get the ball rolling! Successful client engagement takes time and planning, especially where contests are involved. We’ve got a few ideas to help get you started and the expertise to help your social marketing be a spooktacular success!

Veterinary Social Media Contest Ideas for Halloween

  • Halloween Costume Contest – Dogs with capes, cats with hats… be creative! You can run a Facebook contest for pet costumes! This can be done through a full Facebook contest or just a post encouraging people to share photos of their pets. If your clients don’t have a costume for their pets, they can dress up and pose with their pet. If you treat other types of pets as well, open the contest to any pet with a costume, including exotics and pocket pets to make the challenge more fun. Yes – participants can dress up a hamster, a bird, or even a snake.
  • Spooky Guessing Game: How many bones are in the jar? – Post a photo of a large Halloween decorated jar on Facebook with small dog bone treats. Have people guess how many are in the jar and the person with the closest guess wins! You could have the jar in the office too, and encourage people to come in and see it for themselves (and pick up some pet-friendly treats while they’re there!)
  • Pet Themed Carved Pumpkins – Have some talented cravers out there? Encourage people to share a photo in the comments of a pet or animal themed pumpkin carving.
  • Cat Bats – encourage people to dress their cats as bats and share the photo online. This is especially fun with black or gray cats, and a great way to promote awareness of black cat safety during the season.
  • Guess the X-Ray – Pets eat some crazy objects. This is a great opportunity to educate people about foreign bodies in pets in an engaging way. Have your Facebook audience guess what the pet ate based off of the photo of the X-Ray. At the end of the week, let your Facebook audience know the answer. You can give someone a prize if it was an especially hard one to guess, otherwise it can be just an engaging post!
  • Creepy Face Swaps – This has been one crazy and creepy trend! Swap faces on Snapchat with a pet. Share a few of these on your Facebook page for engagement. There are some great examples of these online, but it is super fun to try with different animals. You can have your staff put some together with a few pet visitors at the hospitals (with owner permission of course).

Awesome Autumn Activities

We understand that not all practices feel freaky this time of year, and that’s ok, too. There is still  a cornucopia autumnal alternatives. Here are two of our favorites…

  • Harvest with Pets – Take a photo of your pet at during harvest at a corn husking event, fall carnival, or with a scarecrow. Share it on Facebook and encourage people to share other photos in the comment section below. The staff takes a vote on the best photo.
  • Pets in the Pumpkin Patch – Encourage your audience to share photos of their pets in pumpkin patches.

Premium Prizes

If you do a full contest, make sure the prize is worth it for the people entering. Make sure your prize is worth $50-$100, or more. If you do not have a tangible prize to give to the winners (such as an iPad or Bluetooth speakers), an easy prize is a cash credit to their account. People also enjoy boarding or grooming spa packages as a prize, if you want to provide a service as a prize.


If you would like to learn more about how increasing client engagement on social media can work for your practice, please let us know.