Helping You Cross the Digital Divide: Nancy Dewitz

Dewitz, Nancy profile picThis past fall, Beyond Indigo welcomed veterinary technology consultant Nancy Dewitz to the freshly-created position of Marketing and Technology Consultant. And while we know that some of you have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Nancy already, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce her to those of you who haven’t.

Much as we did with our Creative Director, Mark Clifton, BI’s intrepid blogger has taken a moment to talk with Nancy about what brings her to Beyond Indigo, and what goals she has for her work with both the company and you, our clients.

Welcome, Nancy…

So, ‘Marketing and Technology Consultant’, What Does That Mean, Exactly?

As you’ve probably heard, Beyond Indigo is cultivating a Digital EcoSystem approach to its business philosophy. The trick is, however; most veterinary practices don’t have the technology infrastructure in place to make that ecosystem thrive. I’m here to help with that.

Simply put, I am here to help a veterinary practice (of any size) cross the digital divide. From helping you understand the advantages and practicalities of digitizing your practice management to getting the most out of the digital marketing needed in today’s business world, I can help you get the most mileage out of the technology available to veterinary practices in today’s market.

Why Do You Think This is an Important Service for Beyond Indigo’s Clients?

The world has changed. Technology is at the heart of our communications and marketing, whether we like it or not. As an industry, and as business owners, we have to be ready to adapt if we are to protect what we have spent a lifetime building.

I hope to help practices identify areas where they can take advantage of what they are doing well, and give them the resources to better communicate that to their clients through the integration of technology in their practice, as well as to show them how they can protect their practice and develop long-term planning goals for technology integration.

Tell Us About Your Background in the Veterinary Industry and How You Came to This Position

I started in the Information Technology industry more than 25 years ago, just as the world was starting to come online. At this particular company we were dabbling in the fist videophones, and it felt like something out of Star Trek… Not long after, I joined Advanced Veterinary Systems as a software support technician. I had no idea the impact that technology was about to have on the veterinary profession as a whole.

Back then; reminder printing was the key deciding factor in computerizing. The time saved in electronically printing the reminders was huge for most practices. In fact in the beginning, many still had hand written invoices but kept track of reminders in the computer. Digital practice management was inconceivable, as most of us thought that there was no way our pet medical records were going to be kept in that big scary machine!

After spending 20 years doing software training, sales, support, and installations, I ventured back into the IT world, this time focusing on veterinary technology. I spent several years doing consulting and support in digital radiology and other veterinary technology.

How Do You Think You Can Help Beyond Indigo Clients Cross the Digital Divide?

Over the years I have had the opportunity to bring technology topics to many of the national industry conferences, speaking to bring awareness to the fact that as a vet, and as an industry, we need to pay attention to the technology being used throughout the practice, from the exam room to the waiting room. At the end, I always hear, “I’m in awe. There’s just so much… we don’t know that we don’t know.”

But I believe that we have to use technology to its fullest to make it all tie together. I work with clients, virtually or in person, to help with that. Why not bring up your website in your exam room? What if instead of a handout at the end of the exam, you direct your client to your blog? What wonders could happen if this is done? That’s where I come in.