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Click-Throughs and Conversions: Measuring Results in Google AdWords

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Digital marketing has become increasingly pertinent to the veterinary industry. If your practice is to be successful and relevant in the digital marketplace, you must seek out a veterinary marketing agency that can deliver more than Doggo memes and cat videos.

Finding a marketing partner who understands that there is more to digital marketing than a Facebook page and a simple website is key. More important still? Finding an agency that has a proven track record of bringing tails in the door, and the results to prove it.

But what are “good results” in veterinary marketing? How do you know if what you’re being shown is actually impressive, or just sounds impressive because you’re not entirely sure you understand what you’re being told?

At Beyond Indigo, we understand that a degree in veterinary medicine rarely comes with built-in expertise in marketing – especially digital marketing. Because of this, we believe that educating clients (both current and prospective) on the ins and outs of their marketing results is both a responsibility and a cornerstone of gold-standard service.

To this end, Beyond Indigo’s CEO, Kelly Baltzell, recently published Measuring Results: Google AdWords, in the MWI Messenger. Her article offers an accessible overview of click-throughs and conversions, as well as how to assess your overall ROI in the AdWords platform.

To compliment this article, BI’s lead Google AdWords analyst, Michael Platt, delivered his webinar, Measuring Results in AdWords for the ongoing educational series we produce in partnership with MWI.

If you would like to learn more about how Google AdWords can benefit your practice (and the AdWords results Beyond Indigo brings to the table), please schedule a consultation. If you’re already a BI client and are interested in learning more, talk to your Account Manager or Analyst about how AdWords can work to compliment your digital marketing services.

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