Pokémon Go for Promoting Vet Practices? Absolutely.

Pokémon Go for Promoting Vet Practices

Vet practices, you shouldn’t miss out on the Pokémon GO craze that has gripped the world! But what is it, you ask? Beyond Indigo is here to explain what’s happening and give you a few ideas on how to use Pokémon Go for promoting vet practices – and  to have fun with it.

What is Pokémon Go ?
Pokémon Go
, brings augmented reality gaming into the real world. This means that players are out wandering your local community and connecting with others in the real world. The game (which is a mobile app) uses your phone’s GPS and camera to superimpose virtual Pokemon onto the real world to create a massive game landscape.

Pokemon traffic 2
Pokémon are everywhere and you likely have a few already in and around your practice! The goal
is to collect or ‘catch’ all of the Pokémon, some of which are more rare than others. The game’s catchphrase is ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’, has players walking all over town in their quest for more Pokémon and to move to a higher level in the Pokémon world.

How to Use Pokémon Go for Promoting Vet Practices

Smart vet practices will interact with PokéHunters, much like other businesses do. You will want to connect with players in your neighborhood and establish goodwill in the community to potentially attract new clients. If you’re too sales-y or ‘what’s in it for me’, you will alienate players.

Here are a few ideas for using Pokémon Go for Vet Practices and to connect with local Pokemon fans:

  • Designate a certain day or time of day when players can get a discount equal to their Pokémon Go level. For example, a player would show you their level 5 status to get a 5% discount on a particular service (microchipping, for example) or retail item (leashes, collapsible water bowls, etc.).
  • Have fun with photos inside or outside the practice that feature Pokémon with a cute status. Check your practice’s Pokémon against this rarity chart to know which ones are most enticing!
  • Remind players about taking care of their real-world pets while focusing on their PokéHunt with fun social media posts.
  • Invite social media users to post photos of their pets with Pokémon on your social media pages, or tag your practice in their posts.
  • Pokemon social fun1Do a low-key Facebook post with something like, “We’ve had a lot of #Pokémon sightings here at the clinic… You might want to stop by to stock up on food or preventatives and #CatchEmAll at the same time!”
  • Purchase a Lure or Incense for a slow period of your day then advertise the times on Social Media beforehand, along with a special.
  • If you are mobile, go where the Pokémon are! Or set up a pet relief station where players are already gathering near one or more PokéStops. You can use Incense or Lures to be sure you’re in the middle of Pokémon action.
  • If you post on Facebook, boost your post to be sure that you reach more people, and target pet owners within a 3-10 mile radius of your building. Be sure to include the most popular game hashtags: #GottaCatchEmAll, #Pokemon, and #PokemonGo.
  • Organize an egg-hatching walk or get-together centered around dog owners getting enough steps in to hatch their new Pokémon eggs. Once you collect, you must hatch – which requires real-world walking.
  • Host one or more Pokémon meet-ups for pet-owners, where players meet outside your practice to go play together, or be a ‘relief station’ for players in your area. Provide a few treats and bottles of water for them and their pets since they are out searching in the summer heat, and maybe a coupon for a free or discounted service. If you can provide a simple charging station (since Pokémon GO is a huge battery drain for their phone), you will be much appreciated!

Connect your practice with your local Pokémon-friendly world by joining the fun locally and in conversation on social media. Pokémon GO may indeed be a fad, but it is a HUGE fad and will get even bigger, plus the technology will have major implications for local businesses in the future.

If you have a Beyond Indigo Social Media Account Manager, we’re happy to help you implement Pokémon GO related posts, ads and other social marketing.