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Gratitude is Who We Are

TeamBeyond Indigo is a different kind of company. Why? Because we look at the world differently. Every single day we approach our work through the lens of gratitude and balance. As the owner of Beyond Indigo I have built this company based on some basic premises stemming from that approach.

As Thanksgiving draws near, I would like to take a moment to reflect on all Beyond Indigo has to be thankful for…

  1. The company is grateful for its employees. Without the amazing staff we have we wouldn’t have a company or the excellent products we offer. We strongly believe in taking care of our staff and making sure work and life are in balance. We are not in the business to wring our employees dry and toss them to the wind. They are people, not robots. And so I extend heartfelt Thanks! to all our team members.

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Why Should I Worry About Online Reviews?

Dog listening to can phonePsst…
“The doctor is excellent, but the front desk staff…not so much.”
“The techs are super friendly, but the doctor…not so much.”
“They saved my dog—I don’t trust anyone else to care for our pets.”
“They killed my cat—all they care about is money!”

It’s no secret that people talk and that people listen to and act on the recommendations of others. Continue reading

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Veterinary Practices

Social Media IconsNot that long ago, veterinarians looking to connect with their client base, and potential client base, were limited in their options. Business listings in the Yellow Pages, advertising in the local paper, the occasional billboard, bus bench, television ad (if you could afford it), and word-of-mouth shared between friends and colleagues at the local café were the mainstay of customer outreach for many small businesses, including veterinary practices.

However, the sweeping presence of the Internet into our lives has changed that dynamic considerably.  Continue reading