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Veterinary Blogging: 5 FAQs and Answers

veterinary blogging

Veterinary blogging is often the unsung hero of successful digital marketing for veterinary practices. Whether lending itself as collateral for veterinary marketing, boosting your veterinary website’s SEO, or as a client outreach product all on its own, blogging offers your practice a unique voice in the online marketplace.

With all that blogging has to offer to a veterinary practice’s online reputation and profile, we find ourselves answering a few questions on the regular. …And while we are always happy to consult with you personally, we also recognize that some folks can be afraid to ask, or that you’re thinking about this at 1:13 a.m. and you don’t want to wait until we open in the morning for answers.

Whatever your case may be, we have compiled five of our most frequently asked questions about veterinary blogging, and have the answers you are looking for. Continue reading

Four Common Veterinary Blogging Mistakes

Managing a successful blog can be one of the most important decisions that your practice will ever make. A well-established blog can position your clinic as an expert on pet health topics, which will help build bonds with existing clients and encourage potential clients to pick up the phone. Did you know that a blog can also help your website’s Search Engine Optimization performance? This means that a fresh, well-maintained blog will help drive traffic from Google searches to your website.

While there are several techniques you can employ with your blog to help make your web presence shine, there are four major pitfalls that every veterinary blogger should avoid.

Continue reading