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Getting Everybody on the Same Page

iStock_000015573253XSmallImagine this…a room full of the world’s greatest singers.  The best of the best all present to share their favorite song.  Now, imagine each one of them singing…at the same time!!!  Would that be music or cacophony; harmony or chaos?

Now, think about this.  You have a team of experts that you employ.  Client service experts, technical experts, professional experts, management experts, animal care experts, among others make up your team.  All of these experts have skills better than anybody else because you chose them because of these skills.  What a great team!!  Except they are all doing what they do best without interacting with the team members around them.  Complete and utter insanity.

Back to scenario number one, a room full of the world’s greatest singers.  Now, instead of singing their most recognized or famous song, they are all given specific parts of a contiguous piece.  Think of “We Are the World” (1985).  Music to the ears.  Perfect harmonies, perfect pitch, a world class musical arrangement.  A best seller. Continue reading