Telecommuting Tips: What to Know About Working from Home

A cat's paw on a keyboard

For many of us, working from home sounds like a dream come true. However, it’s unlikely that any of us envisioned our dreams of telecommuting becoming a reality as the result of a world-wide pandemic and National Health Emergency. But, as COVID-19 sweeps through communities across the US and Canada (along with the rest of the world), more and more people are being told to stay home in general, and to work from home when possible. 

It may surprise you to learn that Beyond Indigo Pets is one of the “oldest” continuously-run virtual companies in the US. As of March 2020, BI has operated as an online-only workspace for 22 years – which, in our humble estimation, makes us subject matter experts in telecommuting, both as employers and as employees. With that in mind, Beyond Indigo’s directors and staff alike have collaborated on a list of tips for working from home. 

Whether you’re an employer looking to successfully establish telecommuting in your workplace or an employee looking to succeed in working from home (especially if you have children or pets), it is our hope that our tips for telecommuting help you get the job done.

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