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Using Technology to Support Client Communications During COVID-19

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As COVID-19 continues to spread and social distancing becomes the norm, the impact on local businesses is becoming increasingly evident.  Your veterinary practice may be experiencing fluctuations in appointments, staffing, and supplies, while your clients may be wondering how best to pick up their pet’s medications or find reliable information on how best to care for their pets during  these unprecedented times.  

Whether your veterinary practice is located in an epicenter of infection or has remained relatively untouched, there is little doubt that the events surrounding COVID-19 may necessitate prompt communication with your clients, even if it is just a gentle reassurance that you are there for them and their pets. 

Using Technology to Support Social Distancing and Your Clients 

  • Announcements – Post hour changes or other announcements to your website via a temporary pop-up window, which  can be adjusted via your Admin Center.
    Please let the Help Desk know if you’d like this option installed on your website. 
  • Education – Post a short blog covering the science behind COVID-19 and pets, how pets can be an antidote to loneliness during times of isolation, etc. You can also post any Official Statements to your blog, too, for ease of sharing to social media platforms.
    Please contact the Help Desk or your SEO or Social Marketing Analyst if you need assistance. 
  • Communication – Send out an email blast to your clients to let them know about changes to your normal routine, what’s staying the same, and that you are still there for them and their pets.
    Let us know if you need access to MailChimp.
  • Integration – Integrate a telemedicine option into your website, whether it be a dedicated telemedicine platform, phone calls, or Zoom.
    The Help Desk can add these options for you.
  • On Order – Place a form on your website to allow clients to order food or medicine that can be picked up curbside or shipped to their home.
    Let us know if you’d like a form added to your site, or an existing form modified. 
  • Connection – Let your clients know that you’re open and available to keep their pets healthy — utilize email, texts, on hold messaging, website announcements, Facebook, or Twitter.
    The Team at Beyond Indigo is here to assist you however we can. 

You’ve Got This

Our Team at Beyond Indigo is here to help. With everything that is happening in the world and at home, there is no need to let client communications overwhelm you.

For those receiving ongoing services from Beyond Indigo, please reach out to your Marketing Analyst for assistance as you need it. For those with web hosting services, please reach out our Help Desk with your needs. And for those not yet part of the Beyond Indigo family, please contact us to discuss how we might be able to help.

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