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Veterinary Blogging: 5 FAQs and Answers

veterinary blogging

Veterinary blogging is often the unsung hero of successful digital marketing for veterinary practices. Whether lending itself as collateral for veterinary marketing, boosting your veterinary website’s SEO, or as a client outreach product all on its own, blogging offers your practice a unique voice in the online marketplace.

With all that blogging has to offer to a veterinary practice’s online reputation and profile, we find ourselves answering a few questions on the regular. …And while we are always happy to consult with you personally, we also recognize that some folks can be afraid to ask, or that you’re thinking about this at 1:13 a.m. and you don’t want to wait until we open in the morning for answers.

Whatever your case may be, we have compiled five of our most frequently asked questions about veterinary blogging, and have the answers you are looking for.

Veterinary Blogging Q&A

Is a blog different than my News tool?

Yes. Your veterinary website’s News tool is designed be used to share hospital promotions and coupons, industry recalls and announcements, and perhaps even some high-level news, such as staff new-hires and retirements.

Your blog, however, is designed to be a place where you can showcase your expertise, educate and connect with pet owners, and build your professional reputation.

Should my blog be integrated into my website?

Absolutely! It is our professional opinion that blogs hosted externally (on sites like Bloggr, etc.) lose the benefits veterinary blogging has to offer your practice and website.

For example, one of the chief benefits of blogging is that it can boost your site’s SEO, because Google and its ilk rank sites that regularly provide fresh and relevant content higher in search results than sites that are static. Blogging affords your website that distinction, but only if the blog lives on your website. If hosted off site, your site will lose that particular advantage.

Other reasons to keep your veterinary blog on-site include cohesive branding between site and blog and an increase in traffic site wide. Likewise, search engines reward sites with regular traffic, which your blog will provide, but only if it lives within your website.

How does veterinary blogging help my practice?

In addition to the considerable SEO benefits discussed above, professional blogging offers the following advantages:

  • It allows you to showcase your professional expertise outside of the exam room.
  • It offers an opportunity to connect with, and stay connected to, clients by offering your trusted voice in their conversations with Dr. Google.
  • Blogging affords you the opportunity to create custom content for social media and social marketing efforts that will bring readers to your site, instead of generic pet health sites or possible competitors.
  • By allowing yourself to educate folks on how to be better pet owners, you are creating an opportunity to soft sell your services by explaining their necessity without getting too in-your-face about it.

How often should I blog?

As often as you consistently can – with the emphasis being on consistently. As mentioned above, “Google and its ilk rank sites that regularly provide fresh and relevant content…” But it’s not just about Google. Readers tend to see consistency in publishing as an indicator of professional commitment, too.

Realistically look at what you can work into your schedule. A consistently published once-a-month blog will be more effective in the long run than one blog a week for three weeks, and then no blogs for three months and then six blogs in two weeks.

That being said, one a week is ideal, twice a month is fine, and even once a month works… As long as it’s something you can commit to.

What should I blog about?

Whatever you want! We know that’s not super-helpful, but it’s true – people tend to self-censor their best ideas. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap! If you have an idea, run with it – or at least write it down. Those ideas are often indicative of your passion, and that passion is what will make your veterinary blogging efforts great.

Still stumped? Consider the basics – Why Pet Wellness Matters, Is It an Emergency, Pet Dental Care 101, Fleas, Ticks, and Heartworm, Oh My!, Why Microchipping Matters, etc. You can also write about seasonal concerns, such as hyperthermia or common pet toxins found in backpacks… Holiday-specific pet safety, and basic pet ownership concerns such as which food to choose or how to fit a pet sweater are great topics, too. Ask your vet techs about what questions they’re seeing in the exam room, or see what issues are trending on Facebook. Ideas are everywhere, and none of them are bad.

Want to know more? Just ask! Beyond Indigo Pets offers a variety of blogging services and packages, as well as blog installation and training. We’re happy to discuss how veterinary blogging can help your practice and get you moving toward meeting your goals.

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