Case studies

Cultivating a complete marketing ecosystem

Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services responsive website

Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services (AIMSS) is enjoying terrific results because of their new website and strategic changes to their digital marketing ecosystem. AIMSS has tripled their reviews across important sites—Yelp, Google—and increased their Yelp rating average and Google star ratings visibility.

How did we make this happen?

We focused on improving their digital appearance and presence for their target populations, both pet owners and referring veterinarians.

Creation of a new website

We designed a new AIMSS website with a lightness, a layered, a friendly, even ethereal tone. This tone communicates the depth of expertise and specialists in AIMSS’s practice. We used photography that reflects the nature of the practice and relates to the specific needs of the site visitors. This integrated marketing ecosystem supports the messages the practice wants to convey.

AIMSS is a highly regarded, exceptionally credentialed, and sophisticated practice serving the San Francisco area and market. They have numerous specialists on staff and are open 24/7 as an emergency practice. While there is much to tell about the practice, we were diligent about communicating just the right amount of information in written words and relevant compelling pictures.

Since their website and all of their marketing, need to appeal to both pet owners and to referring veterinarians, we made the information accessible to all, but partitioned the info through the self-selection pull-down menus. We kept these two audiences sharply in focus as we enhanced AIMSS’s digital marketing ecosystem for each.

Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services Google+ profile

Expanded control over business listings

In addition to a completely new website design, we secured control over all of the important AIMSS online listings, increased the robustness of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and educated the AIMSS staff to diligently ask for and respond to reviews!

Many sites allow and encourage businesses to claim their business listings to ensure accurate information on the business’ name, address, phone number, hours of operation and other important demographics. Now they can be more easily found on sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, and many other review websites. Each of these business listings lead to an increase in AIMSS’s visibility to bring in new business. This is one of the online techniques that we regularly employ for AIMSS and for our expanded services clients.

Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services Google listing

Improved search engine optimization

We worked together to improve AIMSS’s SEO. Good SEO is important because it helps the practice’s clients and prospects easily find the site. SEO helps ensure online targeting of those clients who need AIMSS services. SEO is much like good matchmaking of needs with solutions. AIMSS is not a static practice and similarly their SEO is not static. Google, the 800 pound gorilla in search, updates their algorithm over 1000 times every year. We stay on top of these updates and leverage constantly evolving best practices and shifting search result rankings to optimize AIMSS’s position. AIMSS’s updated SEO helps keep them at the top of the search results and makes it easier for those who are searching for their services to find and connect with them.

Increased online reviews

Consumers are using online reviews to help them decide on which businesses to patronize. AIMSS has tripled the number of reviews it had prior to these improvements. We worked with the staff to help them focus on and become comfortable with asking for and handling new reviews. We provided print materials to assist them with the review requests process. We continue to monitor over a dozen websites for review activity notifying AIMSS of new reviews. Our regular reminders help the AIMSS staff remember to continue to ask for reviews.

Enhanced marketing ecosystem

What is the takeaway for AIMSS?

AIMSS took control of their online presence—website, business listings, search, reviews, and online reputation—and it worked. These efforts favorably impacted, in a short period of time, how easily and readily AIMSS is seen online. Their improved visibility, in turn, affects the influx of new business and the retention of current clients.