Case studies

An evolving website for an established practice

Animal Medical Hospital responsive website

We know that the idea of creating a new website can cause some worry. You’ve worked hard to create, earn, and protect your reputation and your brand. What is going to happen to all that goodwill when you change from your current website to a new website?

We want to tell you about Animal Medical Hospital’s websites, and how their new websites have helped them support and grow their brand and their brand equity.

Enhance the brand

It all starts with a question: What happens to my brand when I change my website?

Good news would be that your brand is maintained while your website is modernized, but the great news is that your brand and brand equity can be enhanced, as it was for Animal Medical Hospital.

Animal Medical Hospital’s brand is one of its critical assets. Throughout their marketing ecosystem, the brand is central to all messages and is reinforced through a very consistent use of color, typeface, images, and icons. We carefully make every change and decision to enhance an already well-established and positive brand.

Change results in change

Animal Medical Hospital is a powerhouse AAHA certified animal hospital in Charlotte, NC. Together, we have completed four iterations of their website over the past 6+ years. As you can see from these images of the website progression, Animal Medical Hospital has evolved and their website has evolved with them. You can also see that their signature colors and emotion-evoking photos are a constant; the brand is protected and enhanced.

Familiarity of the brand

Aesthetically, the website supports the hospital’s brand equity and, because we utilize cutting edge technology, the website also exemplifies current website standards and trends.

Animal Medical Hospital’s marketing ecosystem—their messaging, look and feel, and their marketing activities—differentiates, optimizes, and reinforces the benefits and advantages of their practice and broad offerings. They have a depth of expertise and services that are unequaled in their area. These are what differentiate Animal Medical Hospital from all other would-be competitors.

On their home page, Animal Medical Hospital incorporated a picture of each of their practicing veterinarians. Personal images are a signature element of their brand. Because their vets have direct client interaction, this montage is one of the clear ways we communicate and enhance Animal Medical Hospital’s brand and the client experience.

It may seem to be an obvious branding choice to include animal images on a veterinary website, but the “how” is vital to brand preservation. Animal Medical Hospital prominently includes large, close up animal photos throughout the site and their marketing ecosystem.

Leverage touch screens

Aesthetics are crucial to brand, but just as pivotal are up-to-date technology and the customer experience. Touch screens are now the pervasive technology—smart phones, touch screen computers, and tablets—everywhere clients and prospects are using touch screens to access information. This is now beyond a trend; this is the standard.

We designed the Animal Medical Hospital website to be touch screen friendly. The large images, font, and linked elements make Animal Medical Hospital’s site as easy to use from a mobile device as it is from a desktop computer. No matter what device Animal Medical Hospital’s client is using, the site delivers a positive experience and targeted information. Straightforward and refined navigation supports the brand.

Essential to our mobile world is the use of responsive design. To help the practice reach and keep its target audience, the current website intuitively adjusts its look and feel to the device upon which it is being viewed. Animal Medical Hospital is leveraging these enhancements to give their customers and prospective customers a personalized experience.

Behind the scenes technology at work

You can clearly see the beautiful creative changes and feel the updated nature of the new site. Behind the scenes, we worked to improve Animal Medical Hospital’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Improving SEO makes the site rise to the top in searches; thus successfully helping the practice attract new clients.

The Beyond Indigo SEO team made a number of “under the hood” refinements to keep up with the over 1,000 algorithm changes Google makes each year to ensure that their users have the best search experience. Our Beyond Indigo staff works diligently to keep abreast of current standards and technology, and to incorporate those into every site.

Social media integration

Every visitor to Animal Medical Hospital’s website sees their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+. When visitors interact with them through Social Media, they are again exposed to Animal Medical Hospital’s brand, messaging, and the consistent look and feel of the practice’s marketing ecosystem. The consistent messages are—Animal Medical Hospital is a high tech, busy, and animal-centered practice, where excellent care is central to everything they do.