Case studies

Google Ads call-only campaign boosts emergency phone calls

Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services (AIMSS) saw their Google Ads campaigns go from a scattershot approach to a clear focus on call-only, resulting in dozens of new calls for emergency services each month.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s flexible online advertising platform, ideally suited to the marketing goals of veterinary practices. Advertisers can choose between ads in Google search results, on thousands of websites across Google’s display network (think banner ads), or on YouTube. Ads target the audience the practice wants most to reach—local pet owners. As a Google Partner, Beyond Indigo helps practices make intelligent choices with their advertising dollars, focusing them toward goals that help their practices grow.

How Did We Help?

Clients often come to Beyond Indigo after trying Google Ads on their own. Animal Internal Medical and Specialty Services provides emergency, specialty, and critical care services to pets in the San Francisco Bay area. We worked with AIMSS to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, so when an audit found several areas where ads could be better tracked and focused, they asked Beyond Indigo to help.

When we began Ads management, AIMSS campaigns were running, well, a bit wild. A mix of display and search campaigns showed ads on both the front page of Google search results and across a vast network of unrelated blogs and news websites. We set out to tame and focus this ad zoo by:

  • Focusing ads on emergency services as the gateway to other services
  • Moving all campaigns exclusively into search networks where need is immediate
  • Focusing conversion tracking on form submission and call data
  • Pausing keywords that underperformed or gained no clicks
  • Implementing match types into all client keyword lists
  • Adapting; after we found call-only ads to be most effective use of budget, we opted all campaigns into call-only
  • Continuing to experiment with pausing keywords match type combinations for conversions
  • After focusing on a broad emergency vet call campaign, we spun off several successful keyword variations into 24-hour vet and pet ambulance campaigns

An emergency visit was most often the catalyst for other services, so we turned our attention to emergency-related campaigns. Since pet owners are most interested in emergency services when there is an emergency, our first course of action was to move all of the campaigns into the search network where the need is more immediate and the clicks of higher quality.

The second prong of our strategy was to focus on the practice’s business goals and implement conversion tracking. By tracking form submissions and phone calls originating from paid traffic, we refined combinations of keywords, ad text, and web landing pages to find those resulting in the most outreach, and reapportioned the budget accordingly.

Analyzing the ad data over the course of several months, we found that call-only advertising for emergency services delivered the highest quality responses. By continually optimizing based on this data, we moved towards utilizing call-only ads exclusively to advertise emergency, 24 hour, and pet ambulance services.

Now, AIMSS receives dozens of high-quality phone calls for their emergency services directly to their front desk each month and are able to track when and from where each call originated. This allows AIMSS to best spend their budget based on up-to-the-minute service trends.


Before working with Beyond Indigo Pets, AIMSS had no way to track where their ad money was being spent, or what keyword and ad combinations resulted in positive business conversions. We changed the mix and the focus of the ads to achieve tangible results on the same budget, and discovered new avenues to advertise the client’s emergency services.