Case studies

SEO leads to an increase in website visits

Hefner Road Animal Hospital website

Does Search Engine Optimization work?

When it comes to managing a business, it can be difficult to sort through the jargon and the buzzwords to find the concepts worth devoting resources towards. Once such term, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), gets thrown around quite a bit by digital marketing experts. But does it work?

Hefner Road Animal Hospital is a small animal hospital located in a highly competitive part of Oklahoma City. With a relatively new website under their belts, Hefner Road Animal Hospital asked themselves this very question: does SEO work? With this in mind, they partnered with us to begin SEO services and blogging in January 2015. The goal was simple: show an increase in visibility as demonstrated by volume of web traffic, with a focus on this traffic being high quality. In other words, this traffic needed to convert to local clients.

91.82% increase in home page views, and 6.61% higher new session growth than other Oklahoma practices

In the beginning

When identifying the effectiveness of any SEO campaign, it is important to understand the metrics that comprise your starting position. For Hefner Road Animal Hospital, the first four months after the launch of their website netted a total of 756 sessions, 427 Organic Sessions, a bounce rate of 44.26%, and 59% New Sessions.

What actions did we take?

  • Cleanup of all local citations to ensure consistent Name, Address, and Phone Number listings verified for the business.
  • Audit of the site, including meta descriptions, title tags, content adjustments, and behavior flow assessment.
  • Keyword Analysis for local search engines and adjustments to target search phrases with the highest and most relevant search volume.
  • Competitor analysis of surrounding animal hospitals with similar demographics and size.
  • Site adjustments to optimize user experience for best Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Monthly Meetings to establish successes and progress, to make any necessary adjustments to strategy.

One year later

In the last four months of 2015 there were 2,163 Total Sessions and 472 Organic Sessions, a bounce rate of 43%, and 72% New Sessions.

When looking at 2015 as a whole, the Hefner Road Animal website saw an overall 6.61% higher growth than the benchmark total when compared to other veterinary practices in Oklahoma.

The overall site behavior (or user experience) was across the board higher than the benchmark standards in 2015.

In the last month of 2015 the business rose to rank #3 for the keyword with the highest search volume on the local Google Search engine. With an average of 201,000 searches in 30 days on Google, they are currently ranking #3 for “veterinarian.”

What Does This Mean?

Hefner Road Animal Hospital reported that the month of July 2015 was the best month for business revenue on record since the practice opened its doors in 1999. The website also experienced a 91% increase in the page views of the home page. The SEO ecosystem is comprised of quality site structure, data analysis, targeted strategies based on specific findings, and consistent online visibility on social platforms, local listings, and relevant website content. It is easy to conclude from these findings that understanding the SEO landscape and applying these principles to Hefner Road Animal Hospital’s digital marketing has produced demonstrable positive increases in site performance and in the volume of new clients.