Case studies

Instagram ads boost social media engagement

Naperville Animal Hospital Instagram advertising

An underutilized resource

There are a ton of social media platforms available for veterinary practices to utilize in their social media marketing, but one that often goes underutilized is Instagram. As of late 2015, Instagram has grown to over 400 million active users, and Instagram ad integration has recently been added to Facebook’s ad manager.

Naperville Animal Hospital capitalizes on a strong social media presence to help inform their existing and potential clients about the comprehensive veterinary care and high quality customer service that they offer. Through the integration of Instagram ads, they found that their existing Facebook ads performed even better!

Testing effectiveness

To test the effectiveness of Instagram ads, two ads were run simultaneously, both with a $20 budget. The first removed Instagram ads while the second added them. One thing to note is that Facebook ads generally have higher engagement on the mobile news feed. The Facebook ad that did not run in conjunction with an Instagram ad reached over 2,781 people on mobile news feed with post engagement of 120. This mobile news feed ad cost us $0.16 per result.

When the second ad was run, a few interesting details emerged. The Facebook ad on mobile news feed had a higher reach than Instagram, but the Instagram ad had higher overall engagement. The mobile news feed reached over 2,063 people while the Instagram ad only reached 925 people. But the mobile news feed ad generated 91 responses at $0.10 per result, while the Instagram ad generated 148 responses at $0.07 per result. Both response rate and cost were better on the Instagram platform than on mobile news feed which is typically the most responsive Facebook platform.

Bang for the advertising buck

Running Instagram ads alongside standard Facebook ads for Naperville Animal Hospital’s blog posts resulted in increased total client engagement. The Instagram ad matched and surpassed Facebook ad engagement and results with less than half the reach, proving it to be a valuable digital marketing tool.