Case studies

Strong branding and web presence for a new practice

Potts Point Veterinary Hospital responsive website

New hospital – new marketing & branding

Is there anything more exciting or challenging than building a new hospital from the ground up?

Where do you start on the list of marketing needs? Logo, website, business cards, signage?

Potts Point Veterinary Hospital, in Sydney Australia, started meeting their needs by working with us on a new logo, website, and brand. They brought wonderful, professionally taken photography for us to incorporate in their new website. The photos are central features of the website and in the practice’s marketing messaging. The combination of beautiful photos, distinctive colors, a coordinated typeface, and the new logo contribute to a perfectly balanced marketing ecosystem for their new practice.

Potts Point Veterinary Hospital logo process

Imagery and a new logo

Since the new high end practice is near the Sydney Opera House, the water, and sailing ships we designed the logo to incorporate these shapes. We worked on the logo colors and typography to make them light, friendly, sophisticated, and clear. The dog and cat are an abstract incorporation of the sails and the opera house. This works well for the practice and their target clients. The simple yet sweeping icons scale, up or down, well. Potts Point can use them in any application, from a tiny bookmark icon to large signage.

Potts Point Veterinary Hospital mobile icon

Messaging through beautiful photography

Because Potts Point had beautiful and meaningful photography to use, their site is image heavy and subtly brings the messages to the viewer. This incorporates another important marketplace trend—pictures over text heavy pages. We tagged the beautiful custom Potts Point photos in order to impact their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results and make this new practice easier to find in search.

These images, new logo, and Potts Point branding are present throughout the practice and the practice marketing ecosystem.

Responsive design & mobile population

Of course, the Australian population, and Potts Point’s affluent target market, is highly mobile, so their site is responsively designed. So, no matter which technology the viewer is using to visit the site—desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone—the site is easy to navigate and a pleasure to view. All of the research shows that responsive design is critical, not optional, for modern websites. On average, over 38% of visitors to Beyond Indigo websites are using mobile devices. Since Potts Point Veterinary Hospital is brand new, it is essential that this modern and up-to-date message and appearance is built into their website and marketing!


You may be wondering how the launch of this new practice went. Two words: Very successfully!

By the way, did we mention that Potts Point is our very first Australian client? Welcome mates!