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Veterinary Marketing to Bring Tails Through Your Door Bringing all the pieces together to get results.

Technology & Marketing Roadmap: making it all work as one

Your marketing ecosystem extends beyond digital marketing to the technology within your practice. Think about the hardware and software you use to manage your practice and communicate with your clients. Does your receptionist struggle to make appointments on an outdated computer? Do all your invoices and reminders present a consistent, coherent representation of your brand? Does your equipment create bottlenecks and delays?

Beyond Indigo can help you develop veterinary marketing strategies and goals that contribute to a healthy practice ecosystem. Our experienced staff works with you to put the pieces in place to seamlessly build your practice. All messages are consistent, all target markets are identified and reached, all software usage is maximized, and all staff members know the plan.

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With a marketing and technology consult, you can have a road map to your future.

Our Results

In the first 1 year, our Social Media clients see a an average 500% increase in Facebook growth and engagement.
Our strategy to drive traffic to one client's site resulted in a 564% increase in visibility through social platforms, with 87% of traffic coming from organic local search.
Our ORM clients see a 260% increase in the number of their reviews over a 2-year period, on average.

Some of the Tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox