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Digital Marketing Without the Hassle Simplify and save with our all-in-one plans.

Our Professional Digital Marketing Packages create a toolbox of strategic tools that will help you move the needle of your marketing goals. This is a coordinated package where our analysts work together to focus tightly on your goals and desired outcomes by choosing just the right tool for the job.

The exact mix of services may vary from month to month as goals and market focus change. We discuss your service plan with you and what you can expect from us each month. We will not perform services that are performing well or don’t meet the needs of your current goals. As your needs change, your plan can change, too.

We work with you to create your goals, and then apply the best tools for the job. Have more than one location? Marketing plans can be shared throughout all of your practices.

Our analysts work together as a multi-disciplinary team that approaches your marketing challenges from all sides and applies just the right tool when needed. Our experts stay current with industry trends, anticipate the thousands of changes in digital platforms, and reflect those in your digital marketing.

All Digital Marketing Packages Include

  • Setup and optimization of your digital marketing platforms.
  • Evaluation of marketing challenges including your goals and competitor analysis.
  • In-depth quarterly strategic plans that map out a path to reaching your goals.
  • Comprehensive quarterly reports that help get you results.
  • Application of an optimal mix of the digital marketing tools listed below.

Showing results with clear, transparent reporting

In the first year, our Social Media clients see a an average 500% increase in Facebook growth and engagement.
Our strategy to drive traffic to one client's site resulted in a 564% increase in visibility through social platforms, with 87% of traffic coming from organic local search.
Our ORM clients see a 260% increase in the number of their reviews over a 2-year period, on average.

Our Marketing Toolbox

Search Engine Optimization

For today’s veterinary practice, Search Engine Optimization is a necessity — not a luxury. Nearly 90% of consumers consult a search engine like Google before making a purchase or choosing a service, so it's vital to make sure your website is optimized for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Our local search optimization keeps pace with Google’s algorithm, which typically changes thousands of times per year.
  • We can meet the needs of every practice — from mobile vets and single-vet practices, to larger hospitals in very competitive areas.
  • New practice? New management? We can help local pet owners find your practice.

Social Media Marketing

We offer flexible social media marketing plans that help you build up your vet clinic's online presence. We provide you with a comprehensive social media marketing roadmap and strategy, freeing you from the burden of social media and posting.

Social Media Marketing

  • Our experts are here with a constant eye toward engaging users and furthering your marketing message.
  • We work with your staff to help you capture the engaging things that happen every day at your hospital.
  • We run campaigns that maximize your advertising dollars and focus on your business goals.

Custom Websites

Your website is an integral part of your marketing. Pet owners want to solve problems and find information quickly and easily. A custom, mobile-friendly website will help them do just that.

Custom websites

  • We tell your practice’s story via custom websites with unique design and content (owned by you).
  • Our team of designers, writers, builders, and project managers creates fully-responsive custom websites that are SEO-ready, ADA compliant, mobile-responsive, and meet all updated Google standards for mobile and speed.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Increase appointments through paid Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other digital platforms. Our experts can target your ads to get the best results from your advertising dollars.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Our Google-certified experts target your ads so that they reach the local pet owners most likely to use your services.
  • You are always in control of your budget and spending limits, and we can help you use your ad dollars most effectively.
  • Are you already engaging customers with great posts? We can increase your reach with Facebook ads that target your potential customers.
  • Our effective targeting of your ads increases clicks and lowers conversion costs.

Veterinary Blogging

We offer blogs that are custom written for your practice, meaning this content is original and does not exist anywhere else on the internet.

Veterinary Blogging

  • Blogs are key to helping people connect to your brand through timely, useful, personalized content.
  • A well-written blog helps your SEO because it is new content.
  • Our experienced writers create blogs on custom topics crafted just for you!

Online Reputation Management

Your vet practice's online reputation is more important than ever. Every piece of your marketing ecosystem can reinforce your brand — especially your online reviews. Reviews factor prominently into your search engine rankings and overall online visibility.

Online Reputation Management

  • Reviews are incredibly important in the veterinary industry.
  • Our program allows you to easily request reviews and provides trending analysis to show what customers are saying.
  • Don’t need full ORM services? Ask us about our DIY options.

You set the budget, we do the work

Your Beyond Indigo team will work with you to optimize your ad budget. You are always in control of your budget and can set your own spending limits. We can help you spend those ad dollars most effectively. Our fees are based on the amount of time your marketing requires, not the size of your budget, so you will never pay a premium for investing a higher ad spend.

Showing results with clear, transparent reporting

Your marketing needs to bring tails through your door and drive revenue to the bottom line. We know you need clear reporting in plain English that shows the progress toward your goals and how that relates to revenue. Each quarter you will meet with your team to review your comprehensive report that shows the progress made. You’ll also receive regular updates from your team, and your analysts are always available to respond to questions and concerns.