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Veterinary PPC Boosts Your Online Visibility Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform and one of the most efficient ways to connect pet owners with the veterinary services they are seeking.

Google Partner is a designation for agencies who have demonstrated expertise in the development and management of paid advertising on the Google Ads platform. Beyond Indigo Pets has worked hard to earn this designation. Our staff maintains individual certifications in all areas of Ads, and our agency meets the quarterly Ads spending requirements, provides continuous excellent customer care, and maintains and expands our client base.

Why use a certified Google Partner for Ads?

Because only Google Partners work directly with a Google Ads expert, which means your ad is done correctly each and every time to maximize your ad dollars. You could buy ads on your own, but you’d be guessing how to optimize their reach. Our staff is certified in all areas of Google Ads. We find the right keywords and create the right copy to increase your campaign’s click-through rate and get you more conversions. Let our experts develop the right ads and help you maximize your investment.

Our Results

One of our Google Ad campaigns brought in a 156% increase in phone calls at a 24% lower cost per call Q3, year-over-year.
Our strategy to drive traffic to one client's site resulted in a 564% increase in visibility through social platforms, with 87% of traffic coming from organic local search.
After utilizing new Google Ad targeting methods, our client received a 97% increase in clients visiting their hospital after clicking an ad, quarter-over-quarter.

Effective targeting for your veterinary practice

Google Ads is the perfect addition to any veterinary marketing strategy, digital or traditional. It can enhance an organic SEO campaign by promoting veterinary services that don’t yet rank on the first page for your website. Ads can also help boost your traditional marketing by remarketing to people who came to your website from offline sources, such as print ads or billboards. We can help you target your ads to exactly the type of pet owners you want to reach: dog, cat, exotic owners who live within as little as 3 miles from your practice. Want more precise targeting? We can do that too.

Call only campaigns

Lead pet owners to call your practice directly with a Google Ads call campaign. Track results to see the ROI of your campaign.

Time-targeted campaigns

Target your ad campaign to the times and situations most likely to lead a pet owner to contact you. Coordinate your ad with peak times for emergency services or walk-in appointments.

Display advertising

Find new customers by advertising in the places they go to look for information about pet care.

What’s included in your Google Ads management package?

  • Initial Google Ads setup.
  • Development of an overall strategy to help you get the most relevant traffic.
  • Recommendation of monthly ad spend to meet your goals. You set the budget, with our help, and we manage it for you (minimum ad spend of $100 per month required).
  • Creation of custom ads through Google Ads configured for local, mobile, and scheduled ad display.
  • Development of positive and negative keywords to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Ongoing management of ads so that they start, stop, and are edited as needed.
  • Review of end-user searches and opt out of ad placement for specific, unrelated phrases.
  • Full transparency, regular updates, and monthly keyword and ad performance reports.