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Another Cartoon From Greg Bishop’s “Fauna” Series

Introducing Greg Bishop

A second year veterinary student at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Greg Bishop is studying zoological medicine. Originally from San Diego, California, he grew up surfing and playing beach volleyball as well as frequently going to the world famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park (now the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park). After receiving an undergraduate degree from UC Davis in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity, Greg spent several months in the Amazon rainforest doing research on falcons. He returned to San Diego to finish some coursework, working as a tour guide and later a keeper at the zoo. At an early age Greg developed a passion for cartooning, and began to work on “Fauna” while at the zoo. He’s been drawing animals and cartoons for as long as he can remember, and always found humor in animal world. Now in vet school, “Fauna” has become a welcome diversion and a light take on all of the knowledge he is gaining.  We are proud to feature Greg’s Fauna series here at Beyond Indigo Pets and on our Facebook Page. Here is his first installment: