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Our Work Ads, social media, websites, and branding as unique as you.

We can't wait to tell YOUR story! At Beyond Indigo, we listen, and then customize a marketing plan just for you. We'll drive tails through your door with custom ads and social media posts. Let us showcase your unique practice through your website and branding, and surpass your targets with our ORM services, SEO, Ads, and Social Marketing. We take pride in utilizing our toolbox to acheive your goals. Partnering with Beyond Indigo brings results.

Our case studies show us going above and beyond

website makeover

responsive custom website designed for local search.

An Evolving Website for an Established Practice

A client in a competitive Colorado market needed a website that would help them capture the attention of pet owners in their area. We told their story with a website that reflected their unique practice with a mix of personal and stock photography, video, and custom-written content. We optimized their site for local search in accordance with Google's best practices. Then updated their online listings, including Google My Business to make them accurate and consistent, and more likely to attract new customers.

Result: Organic search traffic to their website is up 57%, and they rank on the first page of local search results for people searching for a nearby vet practice. They were able to discontinue other advertising and ultimately had to hire another veterinarian to accommodate all of the new clients who found them through online searches.

identifying an untapped market

100% booking for a new service.

Bringing New Pet Owners to the Practice

A client came to us because they were experiencing a decline in business after years of growth; they knew they needed to make a change.

Our Social Marketing team helped them identify an untapped area within their market — exotic pets. We developed campaigns to reach exotic pet owners in their area which boosted awareness and increased quarter-over-quarter appointment bookings. We tracked conversions through unique promo codes which coordinated with their billing system.

Result: So much growth that the exotics vet’s schedule was 100% booked and the practice had to hire additional doctors to handle the overload.

not all ads are created equal

targeting effectively for more appointments and lower conversion cost.

Better Ad Management for Better Results

This client had been managing their own Google Ads, and came to us to help them take their digital marketing up a notch to attract new clients. We reviewed all of their ads, made adjustments in both positive and negative keywords, and found ways to increase engagement and lower conversion costs. We built out new ad campaigns highlighting their specials and key services with more effective targeting methods.

Result: Quarter-over-quarter, these ads brought the hospital a 97% increase in people visiting the hospital after clicking on an ad. It became so busy they had their office manager outside directing traffic!