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5 Veterinary Website Design Trends for 2023

A screenshot of Oroville Animal Health Center's veterinary website.

As hard as it might be to believe, we are quickly approaching 2023. As we officially transition into a new calendar year, now is the time to start thinking about how to get the best veterinary website design to make sure your practice is front-and-center. Beyond Indigo Pets is bringing you some of the top trends in website design for veterinary clinics in the new year:

A Unique Design to Strengthen Your Brand

You might not think of your vet web design as an extension of your clinic, but it really serves as a kind of digital waiting room for your clients and potential clients. Working with veterinary website designers like Beyond Indigo Pets allows you to create a completely custom and unique design that strengthens your brand with features like strong colors, personalized elements that represent your brand, and carefully hand-selected stock photography that speaks to your brand. Here are some of our favorite website examples that really emphasize a client’s brand:

A veterinary website homepage.
  • This website uses strong colors, bold imagery, and unique brand elements utilized throughout the design (like the celtic knot) to reinforce brand identity.
  • This website uses brand colors, a design that reflects the tone and style of the logo (including branded fonts and colors, stylized calls to action, color-coordinated imagery, and subtle textures). This all works together to create a cohesive, modern feel for this Bay-Area practice. 

Subtle Animation through Micro-Interactions

This veterinary website design feature serves as the meeting point for functionality and personality, which is why it is a fan favorite around here. Some of these subtle animations help clients better navigate through the site, while others just add more depth to the design. They can also further reinforce your brand identity. Here are some great examples of how subtle animation can take your veterinary web design to the next level:

  • This site uses this feature on call-to-action buttons and service menus to help users realize they should keep clicking.
  • This site uses micro-animations of the animal species they serve to exemplify the personalities of each species. This adds fun movement to the hospital’s strong branding of bright colors, exotic animal services, and personal photos.

  • This site adds animation on hover effects to reinforce branding.

Personality with Staff Photos

There are many beautiful, inviting stock photos available to use in veterinary website designs, but we think there is something special about using real, in-house photos when possible. This helps you convey the feeling inside your clinic so people know what to expect when they visit you. When showcasing veterinary professionals on your site, it’s always important to show who makes you, you: avoid stock vet technicians and instead opt for showcasing your team. Here are some of our favorite examples:

  • This site’s use of staff photography helps convey the warm and welcoming experience a client can expect when visiting the practice. 
  • This site uses staff photography to showcase exciting patients and loads of personality. This makes for a memorable experience for website visitors, especially when the content and imagery support one another cohesively. 

Short, Simple, and Effective—New Client and Appointment Forms

An example of a website form.

When considering how to make a veterinary website, be sure to think about user experience in addition to visual elements. When a site is clean and easy to use, people are more likely to spend more time on it. Online new client and appointment forms can be extremely convenient for clients, but only if they are short and simple to use. Collecting client information for appointment requests should be simple and easy, not overly complicated and painful. By determining the critical information you need to start helping your clients, we can build streamlined, customized, fillable forms that make it more efficient and effective for clients to request an appointment (and for you to collect that information right from your inbox). Here is an example of an online form that is effective for a veterinary website.

Simple Calls to Action and Clear Content Organization

When it comes to website content, we like to follow the “KISS” approach—or keep it simple, Silly. Strategically designing and optimizing calls-to-action and website content helps streamline the user experience, which lets your clients get directly to the content they need most as quickly as possible. Check out these examples to see what we mean:

  • This site has a clear call to actions for New Clients versus Existing Clients to help drive users to the information most helpful to them. This increases engagement, conversions, and lead generation.
  • This site clearly shows off their comprehensive wellness plans for puppies, kittens, and adult dogs and cats. User interface tools such as accordions make it more efficient and effective for a client to go directly to the information they need, without having to scroll through content that doesn’t apply to them.

At Beyond Indigo Pets, we are always looking for innovative ways to make your veterinary website design stand out in the best way possible, without sacrificing functionality. In addition to our industry-leading standards for effective veterinary website design like accessible web design, mobile responsiveness, and site speed and smart loading, these new design trends will give your website the wow factor it needs to keep tails coming through your door.  Call (877) 244-9322 to get started today.

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