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Beyond Indigo Webinar Series: Measuring Website Effectiveness

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Most business owners know that a website is the lynchpin of their business’s digital presence. And why wouldn’t it be? Over 40,000 search queries performed on Google every second. That, coupled with the fact that over 80% of shoppers are conducting online research before spending money, makes it is clear that consumers overwhelmingly utilize websites and search results to inform their purchasing decisions.

How do you calculate website effectiveness?

In this edition of Beyond Indigo’s collaborative webinar series with MWI, Beyond Indigo Help Desk Manager Noelle Beaudin will discuss:

  • The markers of an effective website
  • Tips on how to manage the content on your website over time

If you’ve have questions about website effectiveness, or if you’ve been thinking that your veterinary practice is in need of a new website; or even a “look and feel update” to reflect what your practice is today, please contact us for a consultation.

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