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Best Veterinary Websites—What Makes the Best Designs?

A woman and her dog look at the best veterinary websites.

In just one month, there are about 97 billion local searches on Google. Your veterinary website is the first impression you give the world, which is why it is essential to create a website design that will appeal both to potential customers and to search engines. Here are some of our favorite design elements for websites for veterinarians:

Enticing Video

When it comes to drawing in a user as soon as they enter your site, there is not much that can top a visually stimulating video. Videos allow you to show off your practice—like with this amazing drone shot on this veterinary site. You can also play around with different video sizes to make it the main feature of your veterinary website like this animal  hospital did or use it to complement other design features or certain content on your site. On our own site, we use video to draw more attention to our tail-line (get it? Tails through your door?).

Brand Enhancements 

A cat checks out a veterinary website.

Choosing design features that complement your brand gives you an eye-catching and cohesive veterinary website that can fit right in with your current branding materials. This site, for example, uses colors and textures from the actual hospital decor to create a fun and dynamic site that is true to the brand. Sometimes design elements pay homage to a hospital’s geographic location. This veterinary hospital is located in a rural area with a hometown feel and the website design captures that feeling. Using your website to enhance a brand that already exists helps you make the most of your previous marketing efforts while you focus on new ones.

Talkative Taglines for Best Veterinary Websites

If you have a tagline you really love, you can build it into your website design to immediately draw people into your site while also introducing them to your practice. This clinic, for example, makes it immediately obvious that they offer holistic care. This vet’s site also uses the tagline as a design feature to tie the site together while giving users a quick glimpse into what makes them stand out from their competitors.

Interesting Shapes and Textures

Sometimes just incorporating a new texture or an unusual shape can help you draw a user’s eye immediately to a certain part of your site. This hospital uses texture and shape to create a visual roadmap that encourages users to click on calls to action or services pages. This site also uses fun shapes taken from the logo to create unique and dynamic buttons directing users to the services pages.

A veterinary website design in the making.

Veterinary Website Design Matters

At Beyond Indigo Pets, we create custom veterinary websites with designs that are catered to your unique brand. We also have flexible digital marketing plans that are adjusted to meet your marketing goals. If you want to focus on getting new clients one month and encouraging current clients to sign up for dental exams the next, we can help! Contact us today to learn more.

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