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5 Veterinary Website Design Trends

Woman and dog reviewing veterinary website design

Veterinary website design is constantly evolving alongside the internet and all its emerging technologies. What was cutting edge a few years ago can quickly become dated and stand out for all the wrong reasons. The following veterinary web design trends all work individually, but taken together, reinforce each other and create a holistic aesthetic for your veterinary website.

Focus On Content with Vet Website Design

With internet technologies becoming more complex and sophisticated, it can be easy to lose sight of what is most important: content. Forget all the bells and whistles and focus on the reason people are visiting your site. As a veterinary website, people are coming for information, therefore the site should be designed around delivering that information in the most intuitive way possible.

Experimental layouts can be fun, but the last thing you want is a potential customer to get frustrated and leave because they can’t find what they’re looking for, so keep it simple.

Avoid Visual Clutter

Imagine a website with a tiled background image. The repeated, low resolution background makes it difficult to focus on the foreground. There’s a navigation bar at the top with twenty categories, and dark blue, hyperlinked text scattered all over the place. Animated advertisements pop up when you scroll down, and an annoying song plays with no option to turn off. It’s visually jarring, difficult to navigate and irritating.

Websites like this are trying to do too much and lack the elegant simplicity of a minimalist, clean design.

Optimize Your Veterinary Website for Speed

Veterinary website design on a mobile phone.

Keeping your website simple and clean isn’t just for aesthetics, there are practical reasons too. More and more, Google is factoring in the loading speed of websites as one of the key components of search engine optimization. That means that the more stuff your website has on it, the longer it takes to download.

This consideration is especially problematic for mobile devices, which tend to have slower internet speeds. Considering that mobile usage now accounts for more than desktop, site load times are only going to become more important.  

Brighten Things Up

Just because you keep it clean and simple doesn’t mean your site must be drab and austere. Colors have different associative connotations that help set the tone of your website and create mood and atmosphere for the viewer, as such, they are a great way to show your clinic’s personality and convey meaning in a nonverbal way. Usually, the colors on the website are dictated in part by your clinic’s logo, as it’s important to keep branding consistent. But things like the color of the building, a well-known local landmark, or artwork hanging in the lobby can contribute to the color palette you decide on.

Show Who You Are Through Veterinary Website Designs

Stock photography is still common on a lot of websites, but it can come off as corporate and inauthentic. People are visiting your veterinary website because they want to see who you are, so show them!

Woman and dog reviewing customized veterinary website desigb

Original photos are a great way to showcase your clinic and the talented people who work there. When a new customer walks in and recognizes someone at the front desk, or one of the veterinarians, it creates an instant connection. Just remember to make sure the photos are high enough resolution that they don’t drop in quality on large screens. You should also crop your photos appropriately, and make sure the area is clean and presentable.

So, there you have it, 5 design trends in 2021! If you have any other questions regarding veterinarian website design trends or are ready to redesign your existing site, please contact us for a free consultation.

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