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Somebody's NOT Missing the Boat

iStock_000003836633XSmallAfter about 15 years of thinking about it, I decided it was time for LASIK.  After wearing either glasses or contact lenses since third grade, the time had come.  This was my mid-life crisis attempt at vanity.  Or something like it…

I advised my optometrist of my decision and he let me know who he thought was the best in the business and with whom he worked most closely.  He told me he would let them know of my interest and they would be in touch to set up an initial consult.  He did and they did.  A very professional and caring woman called to talk to me about LASIK and what was involved with the procedure and the initial complimentary visit.  I set up an appointment.

Within 12 hours of scheduling the appointment, I received an e-mail with multiple attachments describing the procedure, medical history forms, personal information forms, detailed directions to the facility, how to prepare for the initial visit, and phone number to call if I had any questions.  96 hours before the appointment, I received a text reminding of the appointment and asking to confirm my attendance by replying with a “C”.  72 hours before I received an e-mail making sure that I had completed all of the documents.  48 hours before, I received a reminder phone call. And, again, 24 hours before I received another text.  Overkill?  I don’t know.  We are all pretty busy these days. Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Invest in SEO for Your Veterinary Practice

Depending on the size of your veterinary practice, finding room for a marketing budget isn’t always an easy task.

Veterinary Logos

Between advertising, social media, and brochures, there are plenty of options when choosing how to best allocate funding. Amidst competing options, it’s easy to overlook SEO for your website as part of the marketing plan for your practice, but it’s worth consideration.

Maintaining a healthy online presence in the search engines is important as a veterinarian (or any small business), especially if you have competition in the area.

Here are 5 Reasons to consider investing in SEO:

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The Recent Changes to Facebook: Graph Search & Promotions

My 70-year-old mother recently posted an extremely long paragraph on Facebook complaining about the social media giant’s latest change to privacy settings. She gave some confusing directions on how to change one’s settings to prevent her information from being shared beyond her comfort level. She said she would have to “unfriend” anyone who didn’t follow these directions. I wrote, “I’m confused. Just delete me.”

Fortunately, my mother understands my sense of humor. We remain friends in social media and in real life. 🙂

Nonetheless, the frustration and confusion my mother had regarding a recent Facebook change is a common phenomenon. When that frustration or confusion encroaches upon your desire or ability to manage your company’s Facebook page, that’s a problem. That’s why Beyond Indigo is providing this list of recent Facebook changes, a summary of what the change is all about, and what that change could mean for your business.

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Can You Give a STAR Performance?

On Broadway, every time an actor or actress goes on stage they have to give the performance of their lives.  There are no do overs; no mulligans; no ‘oops, let’s try that again’.  Every line, every step, every action is perfectly choreographed, styled, and created for the optimal experience for the show goer.  And at $200 per ticket, it better be!!

$200 per ticket, that’s outrageous!!  It is?  Isn’t that pretty close to your doctor’s average client transaction?  Why is $200 outrageous for a 2 hour Broadway show but not for a 20 minute office call?  When is the last time YOU and YOUR team put on a show that was entertaining, enjoyable, memorable and gave great value to your client?  Do you do this each and every time? Without fail?  Or only for specific clients? Continue reading

You Can't Do It All By Yourself

One of the things that truly supports practice success and owner satisfaction is the ability to know what you do well and when to hire or outsource what you don’t.  As a licensed veterinarian, the professional school years really do not prepare you sufficiently to be a successful business owner.  You are well schooled in the medical and surgical principles of being a healing professional.  This does not mean that you are well schooled in team building, leadership, accounting, marketing, motivation, organizational skills, inventory, etc., etc., etc.  A technically adept veterinarian does NOT guarantee a successful entrepreneur or business manager.

In my opinion, the minute you can afford to (or maybe even if you can’t afford to) you should hire a practice manager.  This right hand person, if chosen correctly and trained correctly and empowered correctly, will allow a doctor to be a doctor and not a ‘baby sitter’ for the chronically late receptionist or the disorganized technician.  How much money does a DVM generate where they are counseling a team member?  Think about what you do well and hire somebody to do what you don’t.   Continue reading

Two Easy Options for Advertising on Facebook

The fastest way to grow the number of people who Like your business page on Facebook is through paid ads and promoted posts. Facebook makes its money by putting your message in front of the eyeballs that you want to target.

Facebook only shows your normal (organic) posts to a subset of people who have Liked your page (read about EdgeRank). Facebook gives you plenty of options, though, for paid ads and promotions, from inexpensive to as much as you want to spend, and from easy to quite advanced.

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How Hungry Are You?

Let’s play jeopardy!!

The Food Channel for $200

The answer is—One Bite at a Time.


“What is how do you eat an elephant?”


So, why do we think we have to sit down at a table and consume the metaphorical elephant all in one meal?  Is it our caveman concerns of not knowing when our next meal will be?  Is it our ingrained impatience in having to do it all RIGHT NOW!!?  What ever it is, we need to stop it. Continue reading

Getting Help With Online Reviews

Online Reviews tend to be troublesome for hospitals. Why? Because the owners and staff are uncomfortable with the entire concept of managing Online Reviews. There is a defined process when managing Online Reviews. Let’s start with the basics of how reviews work.

Keep in mind that the concept of reviews is a new paradigm on the Internet. Yelp has been around for awhile but the idea that reviews influence purchasing behavior really hit mainstream November 2010. Google incorporated reviews as part of its local search algorithm. Google states that 70% of people are influenced by reviews. (Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)). Since 2010, the rules of posting reviews have changed because this area of the Internet has matured. Currently, the following applies: Continue reading

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