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Why Do I Need to Market?

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Many businesses stop marketing efforts when they see their appointment books filling. They assume they have plenty of clients, so why do they need to keep marketing? Here at Beyond Indigo Pets, we know that “marketing” does not just mean getting new clients. It is so much more, including keeping your existing clients and keeping your brand active on multiple platforms. And it is essential that you continue to do it.

Veterinary Marketing Through Hard Times

With busy schedules at your practice and in your personal life, you might not be thinking about running a Google Ads campaign for vaccinations. When life feels too out of hand, it could be the most important time to pay attention to your marketing efforts, however. Creating a buzz around your business with solid marketing efforts ensures that your practice stays busy even in tough economic times. If you’re worried about keeping up with your marketing, we can help.

Keeping Your Name at the Forefront of People’s Minds

One of the main reasons you need to continue marketing even when it seems counterintuitive is because your competitors will be feeling the same way. If you keep driving your messaging to the community while the veterinary practice down the street ceases all advertising, people will definitely find you when they are searching for veterinary services. 

Marketing also helps you continue to communicate with current clients who might need a little bit of reassurance during a stressful time. Utilize your website and social media marketing to share the latest protocol updates with your clients, or create engaging photo contests that give people a happy escape from the barrage of news they hear each day.

Be Seen as the Expert

Building a solid following with your marketing allows you to be seen as a quality resource in your local community. Instead of turning to some credential-less social media influencer, members of your community will visit your social media or your blog to find the answers they need. Then, when they need veterinary care, they will immediately think of your practice.

Where Do I Start When It Comes To Marketing?

An often overlooked marketing resource is your own practice management software. Run some financial reports to see where you stand with each service. Although you might feel like you’re seeing a lot of vaccinations, your reports might say otherwise. When you can clearly see and analyze the data, it gives you an idea of where you should focus your marketing efforts to get the best financial return for your business.

If you do not have time to dive into the nitty gritty of the best way to market your business, hire a veterinary marketing company that can work as your partner. The right company will provide custom marketing services that not only help you figure out your business goals but also the most effective way to engage with new and existing clients. 

Beyond Indigo Pets is proud to help veterinary professionals across the United States and Canada grow their businesses, even through rough economic periods. Our custom all-in-one marketing packages make it easy to choose the exact services you need to bring the most tails through your door™. Visit us online or call 877-244-9322 to get started.

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