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Beyond Indigo Webinar Series: Facebook Ads for Your Veterinary Business

A black and white dog laying on a laptopYour veterinary practice’s Facebook page is up and running and you’re making regular posts that are fun and engaging, but your posts and your page aren’t being flooded with “Likes.” …So what gives?

While it’s true that compelling Facebook content is an important first-step in establishing an effective social media presence, it’s not the only piece of the social marketing pie. In recent years, Facebook (and other social platforms) has placed an increased importance on paid advertising as a means to reach your followers.

Because of this shift, only 6% of your followers will see any of your organic (unpaid) Facebook posts. Since Facebook’s game is now “pay-to-play,” you’ll need to change your playbook to succeed in the shifting digital landscape.

As part of Beyond Indigo Pets’ collaboration with MWI Animal Health, our Social Marketing Director, Sandy Byron, will educate you on the increasing importance of boosted posts and page promotion ads as part of your social media marketing strategy, and teach you some basic tips on how to target the right audience for your veterinary practice.

If you’re interested in how Facebook advertising can help your veterinary practice, or in our social marketing services as a whole, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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