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Social Media v. Social Marketing for Veterinarians: What’s the Difference?

social marketing for veterinariansThe term ‘Social Media’ is often confused with ‘Social Marketing’ – and while it may not seem like it, they are two different animals. For your veterinary marketing endeavors to be a success, it’s important that you understand the difference, and make both work for your practice.

Social Media v. Social Marketing  

Social Media is a means for your practice to stay connected with your online community of existing clients and interested pet owners. It is a place to converse and interact with this community by providing your fans with information (value) and keeping them engaged and bonded to your practice; usually in a fun and lighthearted way.

While this is good, social engagement is not all Social Media is good for. Cue, Social Marketing.

Social Marketing builds on Social Media by engaging with your online community in a way that prompts them to take action and to do something for you in return. After all, one of the main reasons that you have a Social Media presence is to let the world know about your practice and services, with the goal of bringing new clients and new revenue through the door.

Social Marketing is about driving measurable results for your practice. It is about having specific objectives in what you post, and taking specific actions to generate measurable business outcomes.

Mobilize Your Social Media Efforts Into Social Marketing Success

While the specific goals will vary, Social Marketing is about motivating specific types of people to take specific actions that benefit your practice.

Your existing, satisfied clients and fans are a wonderful sales and marketing team for your practice. They can help to spread the word about your services to their circle of friends and provide social credibility for your practice. But, in order for this to happen, you have to motivate your fans and call your team to action.

When marketing to your social fans and followers, you should have a defined objective and message, as well as a call to action designed to best achieve that objective. Once you have that dialed in, you can then analyze the results in order to fine tune your next marketing effort.

We Are Going Beyond

As the online social scene evolves in our daily lives, we’re finding that many veterinary practices are needing less help in creating a basic Social Media presence for their practice. Instead, we’ve found that the struggle is now in the creation of successful Social Marketing for veterinarians.

Because of this, Beyond Indigo is focusing on Social Marketing for veterinarians over Social Media. Social Marketing for veterinarians is where we shine, and where we can add the most value to your practice’s social presence and marketing efforts.

We use the advertising tools built into Social Media channels to find and reach pet owners beyond those already connected to your practice. We can put your message in front of a very targeted audience of pet owners near your hospital or practice that meet your demographics. All you have to do is choose what you want to accomplish and what action you want your audience to take (click, book, buy, etc.). From that, we’ll build a social marketing strategy to meet that objective.

The Bottom Line

Interested? Consider this:

  • Our Social Marketing and Advertising packages now offer our clients more flexibility in their advertising budgets.
  • Clients who need less help on the Social Media side, can opt for a package that is primarily or exclusively focused on Social Marketing.
  • Measurable results are a key component of Social Marketing. To answer that call, we are rolling out new Social Reporting software that will give our clients more access and understanding when it comes to their Social Marketing results.
  • Beyond Indigo’s Social Marketing team is taking their Social Marketing skills to the next level with Facebook’s tough new Blueprint Certification Program for Social Advertisers.  

Social Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. BI offers practices a chance to dip their toes into Social Marketing with our Signature Series ads. For $99 per month, a practice can choose one ad targeted to nearby pet owners with a $50 ad spend. Even a $50 ad campaign can generate good results for the money.

Social Marketing is how you motivate your community to action, reach new audiences and grow your practice in measurable and repeatable ways. Talk to us about how our expertise in Social Marketing for veterinarians can help your practice.