Pragmatic Pitfalls: 3 Temptations to Avoid in Veterinary Social Media

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Social Media has changed how we interact with – and attract – our clientele. While the instant interaction of social media can be an effective way to connect with your clients, it can also turn a seemingly innocent post or comment into an internet firestorm if the wrong person gets on the digital loudspeaker.

Thankfully, Beyond Indigo’s Social Marketing Team has learned a few lessons the hard way – either through our experience, or via our clients’ – so you don’t have to. We hope you’ll take our sage advice with regard to what to avoid in veterinary social media.

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Pro Tips for Veterinary Social Marketing: Timing, Scheduling & Planning

social marketing for veterinarians

Recently, Beyond Indigo Pets collaborated with MWI Animal Health to present a webinar on optimizing the timing, scheduling, and planning of veterinary social marketing posts. Presented by BI Marketing Analyst Shannon Pecora, this video offers a rare, behind the scenes look at how to post to social networking platforms like a pro.

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