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The Power of a 60 Second Video in Veterinary Marketing

Cat looking through a camera

If you have an ear tuned to social media you have undoubtedly heard that video is making a splash and capturing the attention of viewers across almost all social platforms. In fact,100 million hours of video are watched in a day on Facebook! With that many eyes tuned in it may feel overwhelming and custom video may seem out of reach… Not so fast!

One of the things we love about today’s social platforms is that user-friendly is front and center, and that includes video. There are also some great programs out there that will allow you to create customized videos that include music, animation, and your branded logo. Two of our favorites are Animoto and Biteable. To help you get started we have put together a quick list of key points to keep in mind as well as some topics that might speak to your audience.

Action! Get Ready to See Results

It may feel like you are just having fun capturing moments in your day to day, but video is proven as an essential tool to further your social media. It is an engaging way to capture your audience’s attention, to enhance your brand identity and to use as an educational opportunity in posting and advertising.

  • 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool
  • 96% of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service
  • 68% of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video, which makes video more popular as a learning tool than text-based articles

So go and push that ‘record’ button on your smartphone. And don’t forget to officially say “lights, camera, action!” before you start the fun.  

5 things you need to get started  

  • Smart Phone: No fancy video equipment needed here. Your cell phone will do the trick! You can film and save to your camera for upload, or you can go directly to the social platform and automatically upload the footage after shooting.
  • Outline: Take a moment and jot down a quick outline of what you would like to say. It is always smart to give it a little run through before going live or filming the final take. Don’t worry if you make a stumble in the end result – in this day and age video is not all about high production and perfection. Just be you!
  • Lighting and Set: Pay attention to lighting and your background – is there an area in your hospital where your logo can be seen in the background? Don’t have messy desks, garbage cans etc behind you. Take a look at your lighting from your camera’s point of view, and evenly lit “set” will make your video an easy watch!  
  • Permission: Be sure your guest stars, even the furry ones, have given their permission to be used in social media and advertising (to cover your tracks if you put any money behind it). Make sure to turn down any background radios or music that may be playing where you are filming, as well. Often video programs will provide approved music you can use that without copyright worries!
  • Typical Standards: Video specifications for different platforms vary. Use this handy article to help you be sure to meet the correct requirements. Start with quick 30 second-1min videos. Leave the longer ones for once you have gotten your first Oscar.
  • Roll It!: An easy place to start is to post on your Facebook page. Try putting a few bucks behind it. Boosting your video will allow it to not only reach folks who follow you, but will open doors to new prospective clients. Or share in your Instagram or Facebook Stories to make more of a direct connection with your followers.

10 topics to get you started

  1. Wellness Exams: Have a perfect patient? Take a quick video and tie in naturally to your services. Fluffy is getting her kitten vaccines – they are super important to keep up on because…. In our wellness exams, we always take a look inside the pet’s mouth to determine… Spot is a great sport when getting his temp taken (front view only please – lol!)
  2. Fear Free or AAHA: You go through a lot of work meeting and receiving your accreditations. Let your clients know why. A moment of a doctor on the floor with their patient to ease their fear, a vet tech sitting next to the kennel until they wake from surgery, a happy patient entering and waiting in their designated area in the lobby, all will win the hearts of your clients.
  3. Staff: You have an opportunity to brag about the ones who give their time and energy to your practice. Clients love to see their favorite doctor, vet tech, groomer, a receptionist at work. Celebrate the people who make it happen in your hospital.
  4. Equipment/Hospital Tour: State of the art equipment is necessary for today’s practices. Take a moment to show how a diagnostic machine may work, how your exam table can be elevated from the floor for the pet’s ease, and don’t forget to show the dog and doc in their laser therapy glasses!
  5. Special Touches: A quick video of the lobby and welcome sign featuring patients, the exit door that allows them to get out of there with their tails wagging, the cozy blankets when in recovery. These are all things you see every day – but to your clients, they are the special touches that convey the love and care you provide.
  6. Case Study: Have an interesting patient (non-life-threatening) that you want to use as a moment to educate. How to spot a tick & the proper way to remove it, Daisy’s day at the dentist from check-in to heading home, let your expertise help others recognize opportunities that can help their pets. You can use an all day visit as an opportunity to feature in your Facebook or Instagram stories. Create a buzz for your clients, “what is happening there today”?
  7. Holiday Celebrations: This is an easy one. Valentine’s Day: kisses from patients, Adopt a Rabbit Month: A happy client getting a health check, and the winner of all winners: Halloween and pet costumes!
  8. New Products you offer or recommend: Do you sell products on site? Show us around the store! A new food or other product. Do you love a particular flea and tick preventive? Show us how it is administered. Remember, your word goes a long way.
  9. FAQ Session: Speaking of your word… clients aren’t shy in asking questions. Take a moment to reflect on what some of the most common are, or maybe the ones that are popping up in that particular season. Put together a weekly series where you answer one or two of those questions via video. As the momentum grows, this would be an excellent idea for a live video!
  10. Community Events: Animal Hospitals are amazing in giving back to the community. Share those causes and energy when you are there and participating. A quick wave from the staff at the booth, a scene from the painting your pet party, the adorable costume parade- all of these show your commitment beyond your four walls.

We love video at Beyond Indigo and use branded videos (like the one below) as part of our digital marketing toolbox on a regular basis. If you need help driving new clients through the door and engaging with existing clients through your new understanding of video marketing, contact us and we will make movie magic together!

Thanks to our friends at Carroll Small Animal Clinic for allowing us to showcase the video we made for them, as part of their grooming campaign!

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