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Marketing is Communication and Communication is Marketing

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So, what does that mean, exactly? It means that every single word that is exchanged between you and a client is marketing. As a veterinarian, you might not realize that your marketing efforts extend beyond a colorful logo, an engaging website, and high-quality Google and Facebook ads. Even the slightest verbal or written communication can impact how your clients think of your business. 

It’s Not All About Patient Care

When you work in the health field, patient care is, understandably, one of the main factors by which you are judged. If you do not provide quality care, you will not have a successful veterinary business, it’s as simple as that. There are many layers to success, however, and although it is an important one, patient care is just a part of the equation. 

If you provide top-notch care and have a staff that is rude to clients, you are going to lose a lot of those clients. If you are the top veterinary surgeon in your area but cannot answer questions from pet parents about caring for their animals, you might not have as much business as a competitor who is a good surgeon, but who is great with people. You have to combine quality service with strong communication to get the results you desire.

More than Bedside Manner

Improving your bedside manner will definitely improve your client relationships, but it is not the only factor when it comes to communication as veterinary marketing and vice versa. Do you have a friendly autoresponder message when someone fills out an online form? Are clients greeted when they enter the clinic? What does it say on your invoices? 

It might seem like overkill, but any manner in which you communicate with your clients gives you the opportunity to either improve or hurt your veterinary marketing efforts. Be mindful of all your communication to ensure you are sending your customers and potential clients the message that you want to send. 

Communication Tips for Veterinary Practices

If you want to be sure every sector of your veterinary hospital is presenting the same message, here are some tips to help you do it:

  • Communicate frequently: When it comes to communication, it is much better to do it too often than not often enough. It is more important than ever to communicate frequently during Covid, especially when everything can change in a matter of hours. Whether you are constantly having to update your hospital hours or you just want to be sure everyone knows your Covid procedures, make sure you communicate frequently and over many platforms. Everything from your website to your Google My Business to your Facebook page should have easily accessible information about your practice. If you can get your communication right during this impactful time, your clients will be much less stressed when they get to your practice.
  • Put yourself in their shoes: Clients are often worried about their pets, and they might not fully understand a situation as it is happening. Try to present information in a way you would want to receive it if you were them. Go slowly when discussing treatment, and be sure to ask if they have any questions.
  • Be proactive: Anticipating client needs is one of the most effective ways of improving communication and marketing efforts. If you think something is going to be an issue—like a big storm that is approaching your area, for example, take the time to reach out to your clients. In almost every case, the clients will be extremely appreciative of your efforts and they will feel like you really care about their well-being.

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