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AdWords Options: Understanding Google Remarketing

Friendly workspaceWhile the internet has provided unprecedented ways for advertisers to showcase their products and services to a global audience, the task of actually driving traffic to your website can be daunting for the uninitiated.

How can you initiate and maintain interaction with visitors to your website? Is there a way to get your visitors to come back and not just interact with the site, but actually convert and submit an appointment or new client form?

A service provided by Google AdWords, called remarketing, allows businesses to specifically target their Google ads to people who have already visited their website.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

Remarketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience – namely those who have previously visited your website – even as they browse elsewhere on the Web.

Visitors who spend time on your site will have cookies placed in their browsers. As they surf the vast number of Google partner sites across the internet, the system will recognize the cookie and display a custom ad, targeting the ad’s particular tag, for example: “pet laser therapy”.

This is done by way of the Google AdWords system, which is split into two networks: the Search Network and the Display Network. The Search Network allows businesses to place text ads in search engine results. The Display Network allows businesses to place display ads on a huge network of sites across the internet.  These ads can be graphical as well as textual.

A remarketing ad is conducted through the Google Display Network, which will allow the advertiser to use custom graphics and text that will appeal to the end-user.

Context-Sensitive Ads

Opting in to Google remarketing will allow your SEO Analyst to tailor your ads in a way that will entice past visitors to come back and re-engage with your site.

For example, while you may have an ad that says “Pet Laser Therapy… Providing the latest in pain management treatments and techniques for your pets.” for first-time visitors to a website, it would make more sense to modify this ad to offer savings for those who have already been to the website. A remarketing ad could say something like “Pet Laser Therapy… We Offer Value Added Savings for New Clients!”

A Google AdWords remarketing or retargeting campaign can be a very powerful tool, as it allows your practice to stay connected with your target audience – even after they have left your website.

With your veterinary practice’s custom ads being displayed to your site’s visitors as they browse the web, your business will gain brand exposure and your services will become more recognizable, which could result in an increased trust rating and possible conversions.

If you are interested in learning more about Google AdWords and Google remarketing, please let us know. Beyond Indigo pets is a certified Google Partner and our SEO Analysts are adept at all things AdWords.

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