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Beyond Indigo is Now a Google Partner!

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Beyond Indigo is proud to announce that we have achieved Google Partner status!

A business can only become a Google Partner by passing several different certification exams, as well as maintaining a high level ad performance for their existing clients within Adwords, Google’s paid advertising platform. By achieving this status, Beyond Indigo has proven itself as a top provider of digital marketing services in the veterinary vertical.

What is a Google Partner?

Google Partners is a status awarded to digital marketing agencies that demonstrate knowledge and application of Google Adwords best practices.

In order to become a Google Partner, an agency has to have several employees pass exams and then have their client’s accounts audited over several months to prove they are utilizing all the recommended tools to best spend the client’s budget.

Once achieving Partner status, an agency is given a dedicated contact at Google that can help optimize client accounts even further.

What Does This Mean?

For our current clients, gaining Google partner status means that we have the connections with Google to enhance their existing campaigns even further. We have a direct line to some of Google’s best account representatives that can assist us with any question or process presented to them.

For potential clients, it means that from the onset they will be provided the top level of service imaginable. From the minute that they sign their contracts they will be provided with a proven, Google approved process for building, growing, and maintaining a high functioning online advertising campaign designed for success.

Addressing the Gaps?

Adwords, as an online marketing platform, is one of the very best ways to round out a veterinary marketing plan. Most marketing plans have gaps, and Adwords addresses those gaps immediately, be it neglecting to mention services on an ad, having a low organic visibility online,  or simply rolling out a new service.

Google Adwords also allows promotion of a website or targeted graphic ads for a business nearly overnight. It is the perfect way to promote a new service, or an aspect of a business that needs more traction. Simply put, Google Adwords is the best way to advertise a business online to pre-qualified searchers.

If you are struggling to market your practice online, let the Google approved team at Beyond Indigo be your guide. Contact us for a free consultation.

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