Minding Your Ps and Qs: How to Manage Your Veterinary Practice’s Online Reputation

Your online presence is the cornerstone of your veterinary practice’s digital marketing success. You may have a beautiful website and a smart social marketing strategy, but if what’s being said about you – both as an individual practitioner and as a practice is less than fantastic, it’s likely that you will have trouble getting tails through the door.

The reality is, though, that eventually you’re bound to get a less-than-ideal review. It happens to everyone, eventually; and the best thing you can do is prepare for that day to come so you can handle it with tact and grace.

But what else can you do to manage your veterinary practice’s online reputation? Our collaborative webinar series with MWI has the answers you are looking for. 

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Google Practitioner Listings: Understanding the Basics

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Recently there has been a lot of noise about online business listings in the veterinary digital marketing world, especially when it comes to duplicate listings.

If you’ve used the Moz Local tools to check for duplicate listings, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a listing for not only for your main practice, but for the individual doctors at your practice as well. While instinct tells us that those listings shouldn’t be there and that they’re getting in the way of your official business listing, the truth is, Google made those listings on purpose. They’re called practitioner listings, and they work a bit differently than Google’s other business listings. Here are some of the basics of how to handle these listings.

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