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5-Minute Ways to Make Time for Morale

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In order to survive in the time of COVID-19, businesses, especially those in the veterinary field,  have had to think quickly and pivot to provide new ways of offering service. While many companies have managed to successfully navigate this new world, morale has not always been at the forefront of these transitions.

Employee morale, customer morale, and community morale are important elements of a business in normal times, and they are even more important now. If you are interested in boosting spirits in and around your company, here are some easy ways you can do it:

Fun Staff Activities

Dedicate one day of each week to a fun activity in which your staff can participate and take a video to use on your social media.

Whether you have everyone come to work in onesies on Wednesdays or ask them to wear silly hats on Fridays, this group activity helps your employees feel connected with each other.

These videos are also great content for social media because they give your customers an inside view of the hospital (especially when they might not be able to come into the clinic), and it helps them feel more connected to your practice. 

Showcase Your Support 

Frontline workers have become a new kind of hero in 2020, and showing how you support them is a quick way to make those around you feel good.

Whether you highlight a different rockstar staff member each week or provide free lunch to your hard-working staff on Fridays, taking the time to relay your support for these amazing people can instantly bump up morale for your team, your clients, and even yourself.

Optimize Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is a new reality for most veterinary hospitals and it might still be a little confusing for your clients.

Make your practice’s curbside pickup procedures a little clearer (and more fun) for your pet parents by creating cute signs for each parking spot. You can name each spot after a movie character, a local high school team, or even some local dishes. You might even want to consider naming a spot after a silly joke punchline like “orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

You can also invite your staff to decorate the signs as a morale booster for inside and outside your clinic.

Address Compassion Fatigue

In normal times, veterinary professionals are extremely at risk of developing compassion fatigue. In fact, AVMA says that veterinary professionals will come up against some kind of moral dilemma three-five times per week in non-COVID times.

Compassion fatigue can have serious effects on both mental and physical health. It is harder than ever to avoid this emotional burnout during the current pandemic, and we all have to take the time to check in with ourselves so we do not reach this state of emotional collapse.

Try to encourage an open dialogue among your team so people feel free to express when they are hitting a compassion wall. You can also provide resources for your staff to utilize if they are really feeling overwhelmed and burned out. If possible, try to give everyone an extra day off so they can take a step back and have some time to breathe.

Community Support

Showing your support for the community is a premium way to boost collective morale.

Whether your team has donated pet supplies to local shelters or you have bought coffee for nurses and doctors, sharing these efforts to support your community on social media can inspire other people to do the same. We all need a little extra support right now, and anything you can do to help your community will be much appreciated.

The entire team at Beyond Indigo wants to remind you that we are all in this together. Whether you are trying to boost employee morale or you need help marketing your new services, we are here to provide the support you need.

Contact us today to get started and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for daily live segments with more tips.

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