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Be in the Know with Marketing Results

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In the world of marketing, results are everything. While one client might have massive success with a certain campaign, another might see none.

Tracking results is the only way you can determine if your marketing efforts are helping you achieve your desired results and bringing you a return on your investment. At Beyond Indigo Pets, we abide by the mantra “you bring the goals, we’ll bring the results.”

Creating Goals

Tracking results is a great way to inspire you to set tangible, achievable goals that increase your revenue and help your practice thrive. Instead of saying blanket statements about what you want for your practice like “I want more clients,” try to think about measurable results that you can use to determine if your efforts are paying off. If you want more clients, for example, set a goal of getting 50 new clients in a quarter. By putting figures and dollar amounts with your goals, you can easily track your results. Having a concise goal in mind is also the best way to achieve your desired results. If you don’t know what you want, how can you get it, right?

The Results to Look For

Us marketers tend to live and breathe results, and it is easy for us to forget that not everyone understands what they mean the way we do. Here are some common terms associated with “results,” so you can look at a marketing report and understand what you are reading:

  • Reach: Reach is a metric that measures how many people see your advertising campaign. Certain campaigns are designed to get the biggest possible reach to spread your brand to the most people.
  • Impressions: Impression tells you how many times your ad was shown. This figure is often a little more than double your reach amount because advertising platforms show the ad to the same people more than once.
  • Click-through-Rate (CTR): Click-through-rate is the amount of clicks an ad receives divided by the amount of impressions it makes. Higher CTRs give you a better quality score and will often cost less per click because ad platforms like Google see that the ad contains relevant content.
  • Conversion: You can set up a series of goals in Google Analytics for actions on your website like filling out a form, downloading a piece of content, or clicking to call a business. Whenever someone completes one of these goals, it is considered a conversion.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): CPC is a term used to define how much each click on an ad costs. Since you only pay when someone takes action on an ad in Pay Per Click advertising, this figure is very important.

There are countless other terms related to results, but the most important thing to remember when tracking is to look at metrics that help you decide if you are investing your money wisely in your marketing efforts and seeing a real return from these efforts in your practice.

Find the Value in Your Marketing

Whether you are working with a marketing company or running the occasional Google ad on your own, results are the connective thread between the money you are spending and the money you are earning. Because we are tracking results, we are able to see that we helped one of our clients generate $67,400 in revenue in just six months, or that another client grew from 302 new clients annually to 525 new clients annually in just two years! 

Know What the Numbers Mean

You have to find a way to digest these numbers succinctly so you can easily put a value to a result. If you have an average transaction fee of $200, for example, and obtained 525 new clients in one year like our client, that gives you a total of $105,000. Subtract the marketing fees and advertising costs (about $15,000 for the year), and that leaves you with an ROI of $90,000. Putting a monetary value to your results makes them that much more powerful.

If you are ready to skyrocket your marketing results, Beyond Indigo Pets is here for you. Nothing makes us happier than getting outstanding results for our clients. Visit our website or call 877-244-9322 to get started!

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