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Celebrating 25 years of Veterinary Marketing Excellence

Celebration of 25 years of veterinary marketing.

If you blink, 25 years will pass! That is how we feel at Beyond Indigo Pets! And what a quarter century it has been. When we started in 1997, things looked a little different on the web than they do now—and our product offering was just websites. Our founder and CEO Kelly Baltzell learned to code our very first website in HTML with a book propped up next to her computer. Many people still had servers in their basements, hooked into the phone line through the basement window. Yahoo was coding their websites by hand, and Google was in its infancy after launching in 1998.

A lot has changed since then, and Beyond Indigo Pets has been there through it all. We grew up alongside the internet through the advent of search engine optimization, the launch of Facebook and social media, the beginning of online reviews, the start of pay per click advertising, the convenience of online forms, and the origins of smartphones. With every launch or update, we’ve adapted our services and helped veterinarians navigate the changes to reach their customers. 

“Our team is constantly learning, innovating and moving forward to bring the very best and newest product offerings for our veterinary industry clients to ensure they stay successful.”

—Heather Swinford, Marketing Strategist for Beyond Indigo Pets

Throughout many iterations, Beyond Indigo Pets has always been there for our clients; explaining the “why” of the internet and chasing the “what’s next” to remain at the forefront of the industry. We continue to position ourselves to watch current trends and requirements, and translate that knowledge into compelling and industry-leading results for our clients. 

“Digital marketing is always changing. Some of the tools that were industry-standard just a few years ago have already become outdated, and it’s our job to stay on ahead of those industry shifts and continuously incorporate new marketing techniques. We help our veterinary industry clients stay ahead of the curve with the most effective ways to market.

—Alex Michel, Marketing Strategist for Beyond Indigo Pets
We took a little walk down memory lane to look back on how our brand has changed over the years, too!

With a focus exclusively on veterinary marketing, we know what it takes to get our clients results. Whether it’s creating a dynamic marketing plan, designing a custom website, or building unique practice performance metrics for each practice, we do the heavy lifting so veterinarians can do what they love best: help pets live their best lives. 

“Helping veterinary practices and hospitals establish themselves within their communities through dynamic marketing strategies is at the core of everything we do. It’s so rewarding to help veterinarian teams and professionals enrich the lives of animals by connecting them with pet owners.”

—Zena Dunn, Marketing Strategist for Beyond Indigo Pets

With a 25 year proven track record of getting results for our clients—many have been with us for over 10 years–we are looking forward to the future and whatever the internet will bring!

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