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Retrospective Results: Beyond Indigo’s Top 10 Blogs of 2017

With 2017 officially on the books, many of us are setting intentions for the year to come. The ceremonial changing of the calendar offers us an opportunity to reflect on the results and revelations of the past year and to use that insight in planning for the year ahead.

In Beyond Indigo’s blogging department those reflections and results manifest as Top 10 lists – both for the company and for those clients who subscribe to our blogging service. Compiling these lists is an interesting task. Not only can I see the readership and growth rates for our blogs, but I can also see which topics resonated with our readers (and which ones didn’t) and use that information to shape the editorial calendar in the months to come. Talk about real results in action.

This year, Beyond Indigo’s company blog (the one you’re reading right now) saw a 98% growth rate in readership and accounted for approximately 30% of our website’s total traffic. So what posts drew you in and kept you coming back for more…?

Let’s find out. Continue reading

Google AdWords 101

Updated 3/1/2017 by Melissa Mason

Have you ever wondered about those top Google “hits” with the outlined-in-green “Ad” designation? If so, you’re not alone – and for good reason. Those results are brought to you courtesy of Google AdWords; an incredibly powerful, paid marketing tool that allows businesses of all sizes to places ads on the front page of Google’s search results.

With AdWords’ many tracking tools, analysis, and “funnel options”, this search engine marketing tool has the ability to boost your website’s traffic and drive potential customers to the door of any business.

Give ‘Em What They Want

Founded in October of 2000, AdWords is Google’s primary sources of revenue, earning over $100 million per day, as of 2012. Nearly all of it –$15.5 billion – came from advertising sales. In the first quarter of 2015, Google took in $17.3 billion in revenue, up 12% year over year. With few restrictions, AdWords can be utilized by businesses of nearly any size and budget. Continue reading

Client Spotlight: Summeridge Animal Clinic

Dr. Hélène Bouchard founded Summeridge Animal Clinic in 2006 and over the last decade it has not only grown, but thrived, in a competitive area near Vaughan, Ontario. Dr. Bouchard created a clinic environment, which emphasizes education for both employees and pet parents.

“That’s how I see myself,” she explains, “as an educator, as well as a clinician.”

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”― Roald Dahl, The Twits

Dr. Bouchard has a strong sense of what “works” for her and her practice, and she radiates this through her clinic. She is a skilled veterinarian, a connoisseur of children’s literature and science fiction, a trendsetter, and is always forward thinking. Continue reading

Client Spotlight: There’s No Place Like Home Veterinary Care

Veterinary Marketing

At Beyond Indigo, we are fortunate to have incredible clients. We are proud of the relationships we build with each and every veterinary practice we work with; and are grateful for the opportunity to help vets alleviate their digital veterinary marketing stressors, so that they can focus on patient care.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. They may be family practices, emergency clinics, or specialty hospitals. They are established businesses looking to strengthen their client relationships in the digital marketplace, and startups that want to build their customer base and explore all that digital veterinary marketing has to offer.

In our new blog series, Client Spotlight, we will be exploring our client’s unique marketing journeys, and how Beyond Indigo is helping to make their goals a reality. Continue reading

The Top 5 of 2015

Schertz_iStock_000011076233_Large2015 was an amazing year for the Beyond Indigo team. We have grown and connected in ways most wouldn’t think possible for a virtual company. We have expanded our services and redefined how we approach the digital marketplace.

Like many of you, over the past few weeks we have been looking at what we have done well over the past year and where we would like our company to go in the year ahead. Part of this process, of course, was analyzing our own Google Analytics reports, and (as always) we were fascinated to see what content has resonated with you.

In the spirit of discovery and sharing, we offer you Beyond Indigo’s Top 5 Blogs of 2015. After all, who doesn’t love a good end-of-year list!

Drum Roll, Please!

While there is certainly no place like home, it’s always exciting to see where the Web will take us. For thousands of you, your Internet adventures brought you to our blog. Better still? You kept coming back. So, without further ado….

  1. Before the Scroll? Not With Today’s Modern Website Design

    When it comes to website design, you’ve probably heard that, “all the important stuff should be before the scroll!”

    But not any longer!  

    The prevalence of mobile devices has changed the way we use websites. Who among us hasn’t gotten cramps in our thumbs from too much texting, gaming, or simple scrolling on our phone? Because we’ve all become accustomed to mobile device views, big changes are happening in website design. Read more….

  1. DIY: Unique Social Media Content for Veterinary Practices

    Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are fueled by user content. Individuals, organizations, politicos, and businesses alike post countless photos, articles and blogs, links, and videos to their pages every day. But what separates good posts from the bad and the ugly?

    As you may have experienced yourself, there is a lot of “sharing” that occurs on social media sites. Many social media users regularly share or retweet posts made by fellow users as the staple of their posted content. Continue Reading….

  1. PugInChairIntroducing Content Blocks: Content Tuned for the Modern Web

    This year, Beyond Indigo moved from pages to content blocks as the basic units of website content. But what the heck is a content block, and how is it different from a page? Pages are a simple concept to understand, so why did we feel it was important to replace them with this new bit of jargon? Read On!

  1. Responsive Website Design and the Future of Search

    In the ever-changing world of technology it can be easy to get lost. We get it; it can be overwhelming to keep up with how much, and how quickly, things are moving. There is one refrain that can make it all a little bit easier to understand, though: Mobile is the future.

    More than ever before, numerous industries are catering to mobile technologies, and soon it will become the dominant platform of information technology – and our phones are only the beginning. Keep Reading…

  1. The Background on Video Backgrounds

    The modern web’s focus on simplicity and flexibility lends itself to big, bold imagery and typography. You may have noticed a trend toward large, photographic background images on new websites. These offer a captivating visual experience and establish a mood while communicating useful information. Used properly, large background images are more than just decorative fluff.

    Now there’s a new tool in the web marketing kit, made possible by faster internet connections and more capable devices—video backgrounds on web pages, rather than static images. I Want to Read It!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek behind the Beyond Indigo scenes and maybe even found a new favorite blog to tell your colleagues about. We look forward to a full year in 2016, and hope that you will be a part of our success!

Bridging the Digital Divide in Veterinary Marketing

Despite the global adoption of the digital marketplace, most American veterinarians are reluctant to approach digital marketing. There are a variety of reasons for this reality, including time, knowledge and understanding, the rapid pace of change in the digital world, and an overall lack of comfort with technology. But what about veterinarians in other countries? Do they have the same struggles as vet practices in the United States?

After having spoken in Australia to both Australian and New Zealand veterinarians, as well as to vets in Canada and the UK, I can say with confidence that yes; the industry’s struggle with digital marketing is an international reality.

While the overall frustration with marketing is widespread, veterinarians in each country have their own strengths and weakness. For example, in Australia, pet owners and their veterinarians have embraced the use of texting much more rapidly than Americans. England, Canada, and Australia are behind the curve in the practice of online reputation management (ORM) when compared to veterinary hospitals in the USA. However, we in the US are way behind the eight ball when it comes to adapting to cloud based technologies, such as practice management software; which, in many cases, can help to automate some aspects of marketing.

When it comes to marketing, some things also remain the same, though. If I was blindfolded and dropped into a convention hall in anyone of those countries, I would be hard pressed to know where I was in based on the questions people asked, such as:

  • Does marketing work?
  • What has changed and how do I know it has changed?
  • Why does it seem so expensive?
  • Why do I need a website, Facebook, online review management, and search engine optimization?
  • Where can I find announcements from Google when they are going to make a change? (FYI: Google doesn’t generally make announcements when they make a change.)
  • Who do I trust to manage my marketing?
  • Can someone manage my business’s marketing internally?
  • What do you mean I can’t copy pictures off of Google and use them in my marketing?

The universal truth that I have experienced, is that people in all countries want to learn. One of my professional joys is helping to empower individuals when it comes to understanding how and why veterinary marketing works. With that understanding comes the ah-ha! moment; when the light bulb of understanding burns bright and the elements of the marketing ecosystem fall into place, making a once-struggling practice come to life.

That understanding is one of our chief goals at Beyond Indigo.

Go Simple: Get a Plan: Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

StickyWelcome to 2015. For those of us that grew up with the Back to the Future franchise, we know this is the year that Doc and Marty arrive in the future (seriously, where are the hoverboards!?!); but what about your veterinary practice? Has it arrived in the future, or is it still stuck in 1985?

Just as the diagnostic and surgical tools of the veterinary trade have evolved in the past 30 years, so have the tools you need to successfully market your practice. The once heavily-relied upon Yellow Pages are now lining bird cages across America and, while still necessary, even a stand-alone website isn’t likely to get your practice found in today’s increasingly social media-savvy world.

So how do you grow your veterinary practice in the twenty-first century? It’s simple. Sow the seeds for a digital marketing ecosystem. Continue reading

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Veterinary Practices

Social Media IconsNot that long ago, veterinarians looking to connect with their client base, and potential client base, were limited in their options. Business listings in the Yellow Pages, advertising in the local paper, the occasional billboard, bus bench, television ad (if you could afford it), and word-of-mouth shared between friends and colleagues at the local café were the mainstay of customer outreach for many small businesses, including veterinary practices.

However, the sweeping presence of the Internet into our lives has changed that dynamic considerably.  Continue reading

Introduction to YouTube for Small Business


YouTube: Yes, YouTube is a social media destination. It also is the second largest search engine on the Internet after Google. Plus Google, owns YouTube. YouTube needs to be integrated into a website’s content as well as developing a YouTube channel for the business. For an example please visit to see a hospitals YouTube page in action.  Or click go here to view how an YouTube channel is embedded into a website. Some key facts about YouTube to know are:

Founded: February 2005


  • 3rd Most Viewed Website
  • Every day 4 billion videos are viewed
  • 800 million active users a month
  • 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter per minute

Business Only Platform: Yes, there are branded YouTube Channels for business Continue reading