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Beyond Indigo Webinar Series: Is Your Marketing Mobile Ready

Online marketing is on the move. With our phones in hand, we swipe and click our way across the web in search of what speaks to us. Love, food, travel, events… And yes, even pet care.

Consumers – that is your clients and could-be clients – spend over 71% of their online time on their mobile devices. This means that simply being online isn’t enough any more; you need to be mobile ready.

As an essential part of a veterinary business’s marketing strategy, keeping your digital footprint responsive to mobile it key. But, how do you differentiate between traditional digital marketing and being mobile ready? And how can you ensure that your marketing channels are performing at their best for an increasingly mobile client-base?

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Veterinary Websites: Intuitive Layout and Navigation

Dog looking at veterinary websites

When building veterinary websites, it’s important to keep the viewer’s experience at the forefront of design considerations. If a visitor can’t find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, they’ll grow frustrated and leave. When done right, however, the site visitor won’t even notice or think about layout and navigation, because they’ll be too focused on consuming your site’s content. That’s what you want.


While every site is different in its own way, there are basic fundamentals that sites with good layout design practice. Most of us have unknowingly internalized it. That’s why when someone does come across a site poorly laid out it’s often a jarring, frustrating experience. A typical desktop layout looks something like this: Continue reading

Responsive Website Design and the Future of Search

web design word cloud on blackboardIn the ever-changing world of technology it can be easy to get lost. We get it; it can be overwhelming to keep up with how much, and how quickly, things are moving. There is one refrain that can make it all a little bit easier to understand, though: Mobile is the future.

More than ever before, numerous industries are catering to mobile technologies, and soon it will become the dominant platform of information technology – and our phones are only the beginning.

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