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2023 Is Almost Here! Ideas To Get You to the End of the Year & Beyond

New Year's celebration.

Somehow, 2022 went POOF and 2023 is quickly sneaking up on us. December is a month packed with multiple holidays and end-of-year business needs. Not to mention, the  VMX convention occurs right at the beginning of the year. Before this year officially ends, you must start considering your marketing for 2023. 

(Pause for a moment to reflect and breathe. Maybe have a piece of chocolate. It helps. Really!)

Marketing into the New Year

Whether you are on the industry side of the business or work directly in a veterinary hospital, there are some common marketing factors that are helpful to look over as we step into the new year. 

  • Lock in 2022 pricing for 2023 on your marketing services and ads. Inflation has been a real eye-opener and many businesses will be raising their prices in 2023. If you can pay ahead on your marketing services and secure this year’s pricing, it might help save some dollars (Beyond Indigo Pets will let you pay ahead!). Also, look at any print ads or marketing services that allow a pre-pay situation. This is an attractive option, especially if you have some capital gains to spend in 2022. 
  • Make sure holiday hours are correct in all places publicly noted, e.g. Google My Business (GMB), your website and social media sites. When possible, automatically set these temporary hours to disappear or “sunset” after the date has passed. If that’s not an option, set a calendar reminder to revert to normal hours after the holiday. 
  • Create some marketing pieces to promote at the end of the month or beginning of the new year. Google adores blog topics that cover the “Top 5” or “Top 10” from the outgoing or incoming year. These pieces tend to place well in the search engines. Every business has top items they can post from 2022. It is a great way to showcase products and services as well. 
  • Many businesses help the community during the holidays and new year, through donations to the food shelf or shelters, or team members volunteering with other community organizations. If your organization gives back to the community, make sure to take some pictures and showcase it on the company’s social media platforms. People want to hear about the good in the world—especially now. Make sure to share the joy. 

For Industry

Networking at a convention.

If you are a business that exhibits at VMX, this month is extra important for getting ready for the January convention. By now, marketing materials for the convention are already in play, if not already completed. There are also a few things that are just starting to gear up for the event. Starting now, it is time to be very consistent about some aspects of your marketing:

  • Messages around the fact that your business will be at the show need to be conveyed consistently. VMX is the biggest convention of the year and there is discussion that it will be attended heavily, even by pre-COVID standards. Plus, there are multiple vendors in the exhibit hall. How do you stand out? Posting on social media and doing pay-per-click (PPC) ads that target people going to the show can help with brand recognition. 
  • Be sure to utilize your company’s email newsletters to promote consulting time in the booth or 1:1 time with prospective clients. Consider creating a schedule just for the show using a calendar service like, where people can book a time with your company and be reminded of the appointment. 
  • Encourage your team’s willingness to step outside the box a bit. Think of ways your company can show gratitude, joy and support for others. We are all weary of the negativity in the world. What can you do to bring a smile to someone’s face? How can you give them an uplift during the day? It might not take as much as you think. 

For Veterinary Hospitals

A veterinary team member greeting a family and their dog.

For hospitals, the first quarter brings opportunities to connect with pet owners who are looking to improve their habits for the new year. Some topic suggestions to cover in social media, blogs and on the hospital website are:

  • Stories about hospital staff and how team members are real (and caring) people, too. 
  • Blogs that answer the common questions being asked of team members.
  • Anything that capitalizes on resolutions for the new year, e.g. getting in shape with your pet—exercise is good for both of you!
  • Winter health care for pets who may be out in the cold and snow. 
  • Dental care and why it is important.
  • Heartworm reminders and compliance as spring gears up in different parts of the country. 

Above all, the greatest marketing narrative in the world today is about love and gratitude. Isn’t that the message of the holidays?  Beyond Indigo Pets is here to help you reflect on that for the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 with your own custom marketing program. We cater our marketing plans to meet your practice goals. Call (877) 244-9322, click here, or come visit us at VMX booth #3806 to get started!

This article was originally published in the Fountain Report, a weekly newsletter from Antelligence that delivers expert commentary, financial updates and news from across the animal health industry. For more information, email or sign up here.

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